Tuesday, January 29, 2013


1836 The temperature dropped to 44 degrees, the coldest record since the island was settled.

1891M.L. Hellings, superintendent of the International Ocean Telegraph Co., was given two medals by the queen of Spain for his service to the Spanish Government in the furtherance of science.

1912J. Pierpont Morgan and Charles S. Mellon arrived in Morgan's private railroad car and later sailed for Cuba on the Governor Cobb.

1924 Movie star Gloria Swanson stopped in Key West enroute to Havana. Arriving by train, she was able to see her childhood home at the Army barracks where her father was stationed. She remembered that her first stage training was in Key West when she appeared in several amateur plays.

1948 Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, military adviser to President Truman, arrived in Key West for a vacation.

1951Norberg Thompson, one of Key West's greatest industrialists, died at the age of 68. He had served as a Monroe County commissioner for 12 years and was mayor of Key West from 1915 to 1917.

1959 The Key West Navy League Council was presented its charter by Navy League National Vice President John L. Connor.

1961 Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa, who spent the weekend fishing, declared that "Key West has the most pleasant climate in the United States."

1974 The Navy declared 97 acres of the of Naval Station and Trumbo Annex land excess. Congressional approval was required before the land could be disposed of by the General Services Administration.

1982 Dade Circuit Judge Herbert Klein sentenced brothers Rodney and Randall Bonvillion to die in Florida's electric chair. They were convicted of murder, attempted murder, sexual battery, kidnapping and robbery near Tavernier on March 7, 1979.

1991 Wackenhut Corrections Corporation announced that it would terminate its contract to run the Monroe County Jail system as of March 1.