Thursday, January 31, 2013


1887 The population of Key West was reported to be 17,000.

1900 The Florida sponge fishery reached a peak when 189,661 kilograms of sponges with a value of $567,685 were landed.

1911 The Ross Co. was building the east jetty in the Northwest Channel.

1929 The Navy towed the submarine S-4 into port. The submarine, which was sunk in an accident in 1927 killing 40 sailors, was used to test the Munson Lung, a submarine escape device.

1953 The new dog track on Stock Island, which was built in six weeks, drew an opening-night crowd estimated at 4,000.

1989 Commander William H. Westray, USN retired, died at age 70. He had served as executive officer of the Naval Air Station and after his retirement had been an activist in local government. He wrote the Key West Comprehensive Plan and led the movement to cap building heights at 40 feet.