Thursday, February 7, 2013


1897 Monroe County schools received state aid of 60 cents per student based on an average attendance of 1,473 students.

1906 Capt. P.L. Cosgrove retired after 30 years with the Lighthouse Service, most of the time as captain of the lighthouse tender Laurel. His son, P.L. Cosgrove Jr., succeeded him in command of the Laurel.

1912 Political leader Wilhelmina Goehring Harvey was born at 1400 Petronia St. She served on the Monroe County School Board and the Monroe County Commission. She was the first woman to serve as Monroe County mayor. Her husband, C.B. Harvey, served as a Key West city commissioner and mayor.

1940 Poet Robert Frost was staying at the Hotel Casa Marina recuperating from a serious operation. He stayed three weeks.

1954 The drive, "Save the Key Deer," which started in 1950, issued a progress report. An initial survey showed not more than 30 deer were left; in three years the number had nearly tripled.

1955 Hundreds of persons in Key West and from Central Florida to Cuba saw a large meteor flash across the sky at 7:30 p.m. A number of people had the first impression that it was an A-bomb explosion.

1975 The Oldest House on Duval Street officially opened as a museum. The house was restored by the Historic Key West Preservation Board and the Old Island Restoration Foundation, which managed the museum.