Florida Keys News - Key West Citizen
Saturday, March 2, 2013
Mailed-check scam rattles local woman

A Key West woman Friday found out the $3,875 check made out to her by a "Regions Bank" that landed in her mailbox was a scam.

Jill Grooms, 62, brought the Feb. 21 letter from "Waterhouse Financial Services" of Toronto's prize department to the local Bank of America to warn managers that more may be in circulation on the island.

"It looks so real, but it's definitely a scam," said Grooms, who is an avid prize entrant. "I wouldn't want anyone else to get hurt."

The Waterhouse letter had Grooms' name at the top, informing her that she had won an international powerball lottery and would share a pot of $3 million. The check, made out by "Briminghan Trans Solution," of Orlando is to pay "government taxes" on the alleged $125,000 prize, the letter says. It instructed her to call in and talk to an "agent" to process her claim.

No Briminghan Trans Solution company exists, according to the Florida corporations database.

Grooms also took the check, plus the letter and self-addressed stamped envelope, to the Key West Police Department, where a detective told her it was a scam.

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