Tuesday, March 12, 2013


1905 F.C. Brossier of Key West was commissioned as a colonel of the Florida State Troops. He had been in the service for 16 years and was first commissioned captain in the Island City Guard.

1940 Captain Walter F. Jacobs, commander of the Naval Station, turned the first shovelful of dirt to begin construction of the new Naval Air Station at Trumbo Point. Ivy H. Smith Co. of Jacksonville did the construction of the hangar and other structures.

1950 President Harry Truman arrived for a one-month vacation.

1950 The new prison camp on Big Pine Key was open for inspection by the public.

1983 The USS Hercules, sixth of a squadron of fast missile-armed Navy hydrofoil ships based in Key West, was commissioned in a ceremony at Trumbo Point. Admiral Daniel J. Murphy, U.S. Navy retired and chief of staff to Vice President George Bush was the speaker.

1987 The Holiday Inn-La Concha reopened after a $20 million restoration.

1993 The Navy announced that the Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System from Homestead Air Force Base was being moved to the Naval Air Station Key West. The system allowed air crews to review their actions while engaged in simulated air-to-air combat training.

1996 Monroe County voted 2 to 1 against maintaining the TV translator system that provided free TV. The county-funded system was installed in the 1980s.