Thursday, March 14, 2013


1838 Tomas Sachetti was elected mayor of Key West. He was the candidate of a group of merchants opposed to occupational licenses that former Mayor William Whitehead had passed to pay city expenses.

1929 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, owner of the Battle Creek sanitarium, was in the city looking at sites to locate a hospital in Florida.

1934 Lou Gehrig, the New York Yankee's first baseman, was spending a few days fishing with Mrs. Gehrig at the Long Key Fishing Camp.

1948 The County Home on Stock Island was opened and the 18 occupants of the old home, on Poorhouse Lane, were moved to the new facility.

1950 Igor Sikorsky, famed aviator and plane manufacturer, arrived at the La Concha Hotel for a short vacation.

1957 Retired Fleet Adm. William F. "Bull" Halsey arrived at the Naval Station aboard the private yacht Intrepid.

1964 Former President Harry Truman and wife, Bess, arrived at Indies House on Duck Key to start a three-week vacation.

1978 William E.P. Roberts Jr. was hired as the first Monroe County administrator. The appointment was effective April 1, with a four-year contract at an annual salary of $30,000.

1993 The 147-foot freighter Miss Beholding was aground on the West Sambo reef. Fearing the ship was sinking during the winter storm March 13, the captain had run aground for safety.