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Sunday, March 31, 2013
Solares Hill 35 Years Ago

'Twas ever thus: In the March 1978 issue of Solares Hill, editor Bill Huckel opens his editorial with a fan letter from a Canadian visitor:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your beautiful city and can say that it was all too short and I have planned on making a return trip for a longer period next time. Today I am re-reading your latest issue of Solares Hill, as I have done several times since returning home. Today it is still snowing here, the three-day blizzard still blowing and the temperature hovering at zero. The only things moving are snowplows and snowmobiles and children playing. As much a I like snow, this is one day I wish I were back in key West."

Editor Huckel then tackles a decision by the city:

Several years ago, a rebate to taxpayers from excess money collected for an old bond issue debt service was authorized by city commissioners. The total came to $76,091. The resolution stated that the city commission "desires to reduce the taxes imposed on the citizen" and the money would be rebated to them "prorated to the amount they individually paid" on debt-service millage in the years 1973 and 1974." Several years passed and nothing was done with the money and the matter came to the attention of the new city attorney, Joe Allen, who has told me that he recommends the city commission rescind the resolution because of the impracticality of rebating what would be such a small sum to so many people. He said that putting the money in the general fund would be similar to rebating the money to the citizenry with a lot less expense and hassle.

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