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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Manager's contract vote postponed until May

ISLAMORADA -- The Village Council will wait until late next month before deciding whether to push for any changes to the contract of Village Manager Ed Koconis.

The decision was made at the March 28 Village Council meeting at the behest of Councilman Mike Forster, who said he hadn't had time to speak one-on-one with Koconis since submitting his manager's review on March 22.

Overall, council members' reviews of Koconis were lukewarm. Out of 39 questions on a five-point scale, with three dubbed "acceptable" and four dubbed "above average," Koconis received an average of three from Councilman Dave Purdo, 3.8 from Vice Mayor Ted Blackburn, 3.15 from Forster and 3.3 from Mayor Ken Philipson.

Councilwoman Deb Gillis wrote a letter in lieu of submitting an evaluation form.

"To sum up my review, I am currently satisfied with Ed's performance as village manager with the added responsibility of planning director," she wrote. "At this time, I would not like to many any changes in his contract or job description."

At a meeting last month, a majority of the council members said they would like to remove a clause in Koconis' contract that allows him to return to his previous post of planning director, with a six-figure salary, should he be terminated as manager.

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