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Thursday, April 25, 2013
Bank robber gets 70 mos.

A federal judge has handed down a 70-month prison sentence to the man who robbed a New Town bank in October with a threatening note and used a bicycle as a getaway vehicle, prosecutors and the assigned public defender said.

Timothy Homrighausen, 53, remained in the Stock Island jail on Wednesday, where he has been housed since Key West police officers tracked him down 2.5 hours after the morning bank robbery.

Homrighausen pleaded guilty earlier this month to bank robbery by force, admitting that he was the man on Oct. 17 who said "give me all of it," to Bank of America teller Krisztina Kovacx and walked out with $5,356 in cash.

While unarmed, Homrighausen drew felony charges for the threat alone, via his note that read: "This is a robbery and not a joke."

The bank, 3200 Flagler Ave., was empty of customers at the time, according to a transcript of a Jan. 9 court hearing held in Miami.

"The teller was in fear for her safety when she handed over $5,356," Officer Matthew Haley wrote in the affidavit for Homrighausen's arrest.

Homrighausen was found at Dons' Place bar, 1000 Truman Ave., after an off-duty veteran investigator locked eyes with him on White Street outside Sandy's Cafe.

Police tracked him easily through the main thoroughfare of the island, discovering that he had stopped at a pawn shop and plunked down $875 to get back a silver ring of his and to buy a black backpack.

"I saw Homrighausen had gained weight since I had last seen him," Officer Brenda Sellers noted in her report.

Homrighausen had the black backpack at his feet at the bar, police said. Later at the police station when it was opened officers found about $4,000 in cash.

Oct. 17 was the third time Key West police have arrested Homrighausen on suspicion of bank robbery.

Homrighausen served 34 months for a bank robbery in the early 2000s, and was acquitted by a federal jury of a 2006 bank robbery.

Judge James Lawrence King sentenced Homrighausen to 70 months on Tuesday at the federal courthouse, 301 Simonton St., but the online Pacer court records hadn't been updated Wednesday.

No sentencing documents were available Wednesday, but the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami confirmed the 70-month ruling, as did federal public defender Stewart Abrams.


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