Thursday, May 9, 2013


1868 Henry Albury was appointed postmaster of Key West.

1926 The Right Rev. Cameron Mann, bishop of South Florida, consecrated St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

1929 Congressman M. Alfred Michaelson of Chicago was found not guilty in federal court on charges of smuggling and transporting intoxicating liquors. The congressman's brother-in-law claimed the two trunks of liquor were his and had been included with the congressman's baggage, which got a free pass through Customs.

1958Henry K. Otto's Western Auto Associates Store, at the corner of Duval and Angela streets, held its grand opening.

1969 The Key West High School baseball team defeated Lakeland 3-0 to win the State Class A Championship, played in Lakeland.

1980 The world premiere of "Assassination: Kill Castro" screened at the Cobb Cinema Twin Theater. The movie was a partially fictionalized version of Capt. Tony Tarracino's life.

1999 Stephan J. Sosinski, former publisher of the Key West Citizen from 1989 to 1992, was named the new editor.