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Saturday, May 11, 2013
Woman: Rape followed drinking

Police arrested a 29-year-old Key West boat captain on suspicion of felony sexual battery on Wednesday, six weeks after a woman told police he raped her after a night of drinking.

Kyle Christopher Heller spent the night in jail and was released after posting $150,000 bond, Sheriff's Office records show.

Police arrested Heller at his job at Sunset Watersports, 1900 S. Roosevelt Blvd., on Wednesday after Detective Janeth Calvert completed her investigation.

The woman, 29, reported the rape at 1 a.m. March 27, nearly five hours after she met Heller at a Greene Street bar, had several drinks and then walked with him back to his Old Town home, she told police.

Once they arrived, the woman said, they kissed and "the next thing she remembers was waking up on a bed face down," with a pillow pressed over the back of her head while Heller raped her, police reported.

The woman said she screamed while on the bed because she wanted him to stop and was asking for help, Calvert reported.

In a phone call with police April 2, Heller denied any wrongdoing. He said the woman consented to sex and that he only placed a pillow over her head because "she was moaning really loud," according to an incident report released Friday.

"Kyle stated he believes this upset her because about five minutes into it, she turned around and grabbed his penis really hard," the report said. "Kyle stated her pulled her off and asked her to leave."

Heller said she threatened to call the cops on him and on the way out of his home ran into his sister and "hit her on the forehead with her finger," the report said. The woman and Heller's sister knew each other from a previous job, police said.

Calvert determined that Heller held her down against her will and raped her, the report said.

Earlier that night before meeting Heller, the woman said she drank about two margaritas on a cruise. At the Greene Street bar, she said her tab was three Michelob Ultra beers and one "cinnamon fireball" shot, police reported.

The woman said a friend of hers introduced her to Heller at the bar. Heller told police "they got along great and they walked over to his place" at the end of the night, the report said.

The Citizen does not name suspected victims of sexual assault.

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