Wednesday, June 19, 2013


1865 The bark Adventure arrived in Key West in distress. Four of her crew were sick with yellow fever and sent to the Marine Hospital for treatment. The fever spread to the Army troops on the island, and began an epidemic of 331 cases with 71 deaths among the troops and an unknown number of cases among the civilian population.

1914 The headquarters of the 7th District of the U.S. Lighthouse Service were located in the Custom House. The officers were W.W. Demeritt, inspector; Alfred Brost, chief clerk; H.B. Haskins and W.T. Rodgers, clerks.

1942 The steamship Bosiljka, sailing from New Orleans to Key West, was sunk when she accidentally sailed into the Navy's minefield northwest of Key West.

1974 Key West resident Dick Duane was awarded a Clio for his creative role in the commercial "Actives Are Here," a Burlington Mills product.

1983 World famous author, ex-POW, navigator and lector Tristan Jones took residence in Key West to work on his latest novel.

1998 Rear Adm. Edward J. Barrett relieved Rear Adm. John E. Shkor as commander of the Joint Interagency Task Force East, based at the Truman Annex of the Naval Air Station.