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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Coral Coast neighborhood matter resolved

KEY LARGO -- After many weeks and thousands of dollars in staff and attorneys' fees, a dispute between a mile marker 97 neighborhood and the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District appears to be resolved.

Members of the Coral Coast neighborhood retained Tavernier attorney Nick Mulick to fight to change language in an agreement with the district that freed the wastewater entity of any liability if an accident occurred while it installed and maintained grinder pumps on private property.

Grinder pumps are being installed at about 200 homes in Key Largo that for topographic reasons cannot connect to the sewer line.

The changed agreement provides more protection for homeowners in the case of an accident.

District Manager Margaret Blank said the agreement must apply to all so-called "unique properties" in the district and not just Coral Coast. The district will send the letter out to about 60 homeowners in Key Largo who have already signed the previous document.

The resolution with the homeowners' group allows for the district to continue with installing grinder pumps, a process that had been delayed.

In the future, the district will consider if responsibility for the pumps can be turned over to homeowners.

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