Wednesday, July 3, 2013


1823 Monroe County, the sixth county in Florida, was established by an act of the territorial legislature and signed by Gov. William P. Duval.

1889 L.W. Bethel was elected city attorney by the City Commission.

1897 The First National Bank building at the corner of Duval and Front streets was completed at a cost of $14,380.35.

1904 Mrs. Clarence K. Till, widow of Officer Till, was presented with a deed to a house and lot bought by the citizens of Key West. Till was killed in the line of duty.

1954 Harold Laubbdchen, manager of the Key West Chamber of Commerce, announced that for the first time Key West had an advertisement on a nationwide radio program. The spot was in a show "Florida Calling" on the Mutual network. The spot was on five days a week for two months and cost $1,000.

1954 The Howard Johnson Restaurant on North Roosevelt opened.

1976 The Key West Comparsa performed in the "Florida on Parade" bicentennial festivities in St. Augustine.