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Friday, July 5, 2013
This doctor insists on house calls
Dr. Reid available to patients around the clock

Dr. Matt Reid is not your typical doctor.

The difference is he still makes house calls. He even makes boat calls, hotel room calls and island calls.

"When I was trained as a family doctor, we did house calls," Reid said.

He is also thinking out of the box when it comes to office hours. He has opened the After Hours Walk In Medical Clinic, 3426 Duck Ave, offering treatment 24 ours a day, seven days a week.

Reid's philosophy centers around the belief that seeing patients in their homes offers more than convenience.

"Seeing the environment gives you a lot more insight," Reid said, and allows him to make more diagnoses.

He also has patients with phobias of offices and emergency rooms.

"In some cases people need a doctor to come because they are 'stuck' in their homes literally," the doctor said.

Actually, door-to-door visits are becoming a popular trend once again.

"There are numerous house call facilities in Miami," said Reid. "Some mobile service vehicles come with laboratory equipment, electrocardiograms, and x-ray equipment."

There is also door-to-door optometry, podiatry, and psychiatry out of Mobile Physician Services in New Port Richey, on the west coast of Florida.

"About 20 percent of Medicare patients get readmitted after discharge back to hospitals. Billions of dollars are lost due to readmissions and that money can be saved doing services at home," according to a report by Dr. Jeffrey Katz on cnn.com.

Reid's most common ailments are upper respiratory infections, soar throats, and ear aches, but he handles a variety of others as well.

"I've setup IVs, casts, splints, sewn tendons, treated the flu, and done pregnancy tests before (on site)," Reid said. "The majority are tourists with jellyfish stings, sunburns, and calls asking for guidance on treatments."

He previously worked on a cruises ship for the fire department and at a free clinic.

"Part of being a doctor is immersing yourself in your profession and it can be very rewarding," said Reid.


Alex Press is an intern with The Citizen and a recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

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