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Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Council OKs second sewer assessment

ISLAMORADA -- The Village Council unanimously passed a second $20 million sewer assessment last week with no debate.

The assessment will couple with a similar 2011 assessment to help finance the $123.5 million villagewide sewer system on which construction began last year.

Like the first assessment, the second assessment amounts to $3,196 per homeowner when paid up front. For those who choose to be billed annually, the assessment will cost $256 per year for 25 years.

In addition at the July 25 meeting, the council approved a rate structure for future customers of the newly sewered areas. The average home will pay monthly rates of $74, not counting the assessment costs.

The bills will be $10 higher on average than what existing north Plantation Key customers pay.

Finally last week, the council approved a series of changes to its wastewater construction contract with Layne, known locally as Reynolds Water Islamorada.

The changes, which include value-engineering enhancements, will save the village $107,000.

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