Monday, August 19, 2013


1900 Members of the Monroe County Bar met in the federal courtroom to organize a bar association. Judge L.W. Bethel was elected permanent chairman, and Julius Otto was elected secretary. Messrs. W. Hunt Harris and Julius Otto were appointed to a committee to draw up the constitution and bylaws of the association.

1906 Members of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners were James R. Curry Jr., chairman, Charles O. Forsberg, D. Milord, R.J. Duffy and T.W. Shultz. The other county officials were B.B. Whalton, county judge; L.W. Bethel, judge criminal court; J.B. Wall, judge circuit court; H.S. Phillips, state attorney; E.W. Russell, clerk of court; J. Vining Harris, county solicitor; A.F. Shultz, clerk county court; F.W. Knight, sheriff; B.F.H. Bowers, chief deputies; W.B. Curry, treasurer; T.A. Sweeting, collector of revenue; J.H. Curtis, tax assessor; Benjamin A. Lowe, justice of peace; Jerry J. Warren, justice of the peace; Dr. J.V. Harris, superintendent of schools; H.G. Fulfords, chairman of the school board; Lawrence Higgs, school board; and W.J. Gardner, school board.

1917John Lowe Jr. died in Key West at the age of 84. He had come to Key West from the Bahamas when he was 15 and worked for William Curry. He started his own business and became the leading sponge dealer in Key West. His home at 620 Southard St. is still one of the architectural treasures of Key West.

1932 Gov.-elect Dave Sholtz arrived in Key West and inspected the Florida National Guard, which was encamped on the Army grounds near Fort Taylor. He had the highest praise for the regimental band, under director Caesar LaMonaca.

1934 At the first meeting of the Advisory Park and Beautification Board, Mr. J.G. Curtis spoke of establishing a botanical garden in Key West.

1952 The official population of Key West was set at 26,433, which did not include the estimated 12,000 Navy personnel and dependents.