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Saturday, September 14, 2013
Eat healthy while you're eating out

Dear Mr. Fitness:

I've tried your foods on many occasions and found them to be quite tasty. I've been steadily losing weight, which is what I wanted to do. My question is this: How can I continue to eat well when I have to go out to eat all of the time? This is mainly because of business. I usually only get to cook during the weekends, but I have to eat at restaurants during the weekdays. If you could please give me some suggestions on what to order when I'm out. I'm still trying to lose weight. Thank you.

-- Foodless

Dear Foodless:

You do not have to be foodless any longer. Recently I was on a business trip into the hinterlands and faced your problem of what to eat. Fortunately, I've been doing this for quite some time. This is what I did and ate this last trip: My first meal was at a small mom and pop eatery. It consisted of three scrambled egg whites, diced green peppers and cheddar cheese. Everybody has egg whites nowadays! I also had a cup of black coffee and a glass of water.

The second meal, eaten at a local diner, was a small Greek salad, turkey breast patty, dill pickles and water. The diner was happy to provide me with this fare. Meal No. 3 was at the same place, and was two all-beef hot dogs with no buns, green beans with butter, and a diet root beer. They could care less if I ate the buns or not!

My fourth and final meal of the day was eaten at the hotel I was staying at. Room service brought me four large hard-boiled eggs and a Perrier (with ice!).

As you can see, finding the type of diet that I eat -- low carb, high protein -- is fairly easy to procure even if you have to eat out all the time. Or stay at a hotel. By the way, this type of diet may work well for you if you still wish to lose body fat. I know it's not for everybody, but for a majority of folks it does get results pretty quickly.

Now on to my second day out of town. Meal 1 was plain oatmeal, three scrambled Egg Beaters, black coffee and water. This was had at a Waffle House, of all places! Not bad, eh? Meal 2 was at the hotel restaurant. It consisted of a large Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast on top. I requested extra chicken and they were delighted to provide me with it! Water washed it all down. The final meal of this day was at Wendy's. Yes, I said Wendy's. I ordered a double burger with no bun, a salad with oil and vinegar dressing, and a diet soda. It was done with ease. Nobody seemed to mind at the Wendy's.

All of this can be done by anyone by just managing your conversation with your server at any restaurant or hotel! Or Wendy's!! Just stay away from the pretzel burgers!

Give it a shot.

-- Mr. Fitness

Tony Wagner, aka Mr. Fitness, has over thirty years of fitness and nutritional expertise. A certified personal trainer and author, he has helped thousands of people get into and stay in shape. Contact him at mrfitness1@aol.com, Facebook us, or stop by Bodyzone Fitness Center, 2740 N. Roosevelt Blvd., 305-292-2930.

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