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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
All hail the Constitution

Dozens of students, teachers and visiting dignitaries gathered in the library of the Florida Keys Community College's Key West Campus Tuesday morning to celebrate Constitution Day. The keynote speaker, state Rep. Holly Raschein, R-Key Largo, shared memories of her grandfather reading the U.S. Constitution to her, which she claimed was an inspiration for her political career. 'It's a sacred document that makes us uniquely American,' Raschein said before her presentation. 'I'm quite honored to be here to celebrate it.' Both Raschein, and event organizer Stephen Muffler, an FKCC adjunct professor of business law, acknowledged the 'living' nature of the document, and the importance of defending the protections provided for in the Bill of Rights.

'This isn't an abstract notion for my students at all,' said Muffler, seen at left. "There are discussions nearly every day about further amendments.' Raschein took the argument one step further. 'I'm wary of Big Brother, of the idea of government being out of control,' she said. 'Upholding the Constitution is how we can keep government in check. In this age of technology, especially, citizens have to be careful.

-- Citizen staffer Terry Schmida

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