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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Vidal sees himself as a voice for the rate payer

A Conch who goes by only one name, Vidal, is making his first political bid for the Utility Board referring to himself as the locals' candidate who wants to represent each bill payer.

"We need someone to represent the normal person," Vidal said at Thursday's Hometown PAC forum at the Tropic Cinema. "I do not represent anything other than the person who is the ratepayer. We need someone with a heart who loves Key West." Having founded and run a photography and wedding planning business in Key West since 1980, Vidal considers himself an expert in marketing and communication.

At a recent political forum, Vidal said he had no problem admitting he wasn't well-versed in the utility's back-up system capabilities and other industry details.

"I'm sure no one has gotten on to the Utility Board knowing all of the areas ahead of time," Vidal said. "My job is going to be a decision maker to represent the community."

Vidal is a graduate of Key West High School and attended Florida Keys Community College, with Dean's List recognition.

He has worked with companies such as Fiat of Italy, the Discovery Channel, Calvin Klein, DuPont Paints, Mentor Corporation, and Fox Television, he said.


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