Sunday, September 29, 2013

Florida Keys Community College's Foundation hosted a Scholarship Social on Sept. 26 at Tennessee Williams Theatre, which is on the Key West campus. The event brought together dozens of scholarship recipients with the individuals who support and fund the awards.

The foundation, which raises funds through private donors, community organizations and public agencies, distributed nearly $100,000 in scholarships last year alone.

William A. Seeker, FKCC president emeritus and founder of the Sue and Albert Seeker First Generation in College Scholarship, commended the students for their worthy pursuit of higher education.

"Being a first-generation college student myself, I understand the struggles they face," said Seeker, who served 28 years as FKCC president. "I'm glad to be able to help each of them and I'm committed to helping many, many more."

A cross-section of students shared personal stories about the life-changing opportunities that foundation scholarships have provided them.

"I was moved by the journeys that were represented in the voices of our students," said FKCC President Jonathan Gueverra, who thanked the scholarship supporters for helping to shape a better community.

"Your contributions continue to have countless positive impacts on the lives of our students while at FKCC and beyond."

The event also served as the setting to announce the creation of the FKCC Student Investment Club, initiated by the vision and generous support of longtime FKCC philanthropist and current FKCC Foundation Board and Investment Committee member M. Pat Miller.

The first of its kind for community colleges nationwide, FKCC's Student Investment Club will use real dollars in its investments, potentially raising real funds to support students and programs at FKCC.

Students in the club will be led by Miller and other community investment experts in the practice of long-term investing to benefit the college as well as their own personal knowledge and practice of investment strategies.

For more information about supporting FKCC students or programs, contact FKCC Foundation Executive Director Gavin McKeirnan Townsend at 305-809-3281 or