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Thursday, October 24, 2013
Festival porn star kicked off plane
But she gets to club in time for the show

Adult film star Mary Carey's antics at the Miami airport Wednesday may be the climax of this year's Fantasy Fest, so to speak.

Miami-Dade Police refused to allow the porn star to board a connecting flight from Miami International Airport to Key West Wednesday morning after she got drunk and had sex with another man on her flight from Los Angeles, said Key West promoter Jose Collazo, also known as Louie C. Rock.

Carey only made it to Key West after Collazo had someone drive to Miami to pick her up so she could make it to the ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party at Bare Assets strip club, 1029 Truman Ave., in time for her scheduled appearance Wednesday night, Collazo said.

Fellow porn star Ron Jeremy was on the flight and he gave The Citizen the following account: Jeremy and Carey were at a VIP airport club in Los Angeles where Carey struck up a conversation with a reality TV producer who was also getting on the Miami flight. The two began flirting and drinking.

"She was flirting with him as porn stars do and they were getting frisky under the blanket or pillow, whatever it was," Jeremy said. "The flight attendants claim they went to the bathroom together, but I don't know about that. They were definitely messing around."

This is Jeremy's seventh appearance in Key West for Fantasy Fest events, but Carey's first, Collazo said.

"She definitely wasn't acting very gubernatorial," Jeremy quipped, referencing Carey's failed 2003 California gubernatorial recall election when she ran as a publicity stunt.

"My only objection is that I wasn't invited," Jeremy added. "We've done movies together in the past, but she wants new faces, not dinosaurs."

Collazo said police told him officers found the pair having sex in the plane bathroom after everyone else had left the plane, but police spokeswoman Robin Pinkard offered a less sensuous version of events.

"Mary Carey did arrive at MIA (Miami International Airport) and refused to exit the plane," Pinkard said. "It was unknown why she refused to exit, but she was escorted off and then released. She was not arrested."

Pinkard said officers did not go into further detail, and told her only that Carey was escorted off the plane.

Carey was not allowed to board the connecting flight to Key West due to intoxication, according to Collazo and Jeremy.

"We made arrangements to have her picked up and driven to Key West where she is now," Collazo said. "The police were nice to work with me. It could have been more serious had she been arrested."

Aside from skin flicks, Carey also found brief fame on reality TV, where she appeared on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" in 2008 and received treatment for alcoholism.

Collazo puts together the ABC Party at the strip club as well as the Tighty Whitey Party on Tuesday, the Pajama and Lingerie Party on Thursday night, and the Pimp and Ho Party on Friday night.

"I've been in the entertainment business for 20 years and this is my first time dealing with Mary Carey," Collazo said. "She definitely came into Key West for Fantasy Fest 2013 with a bang."


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