Citizen's Voice
Sunday, October 27, 2013

"The Constitution protects us from the government establishing a nation-wide religion. America has always welcomed public prayer. Perhaps if we had more people seeking divine inspiration before speaking we would have less conflict."

"Since it's posted at almost every beach access there is no excuse for people continually bringing their dogs on Smathers Beach. Some owners feel it's fine to let their dog run up and jump on other beachgoers. 'No pets on the Beach' needs to be enforced and perhaps the Sheraton needs to pass out directions to Dog Beach."

"The turn lane in the center of North Roosevelt is not a passing lane. Please stop giving us daily doses of near-death experiences!"

"It's about time the people in Key West pay for living in a high risk part of the country. So called 'Paradise' comes at a price. Why do you think the government or other people's insurance premiums should pay for your quality of life? There is no free lunch people."

"I heard Mark Rubio's latest comment about Obamacare; as far as I'm concerned, Mr. Rubio should possibly keep a record of what it cost the American people to insure him and his family."

"A new epitome of arrogance: Friday, four North Roosevelt construction workers fishing off the new wall on the boulevard, not for an hour, but for two or three hours. I passed them both going in and going out of town. Isn't that nice? We pay them for per diem to come down here, the hours driving, do we pay for the bait too?"

"The public debt is closer to $11 trillion. We owe 53 percent of it to other Americans. We owe about 9.3 percent to the Chinese. Stop being suckers to right-wingers who give the impression that we're working for the Chinese."

"Regarding the great chickendebate: The chickens were actually brought there by our Cuban immigrants for cock fighting. When cock fighting was outlawed in the mid 70's, those chickens were turned loose and because Key West is a wildlife sanctuary, they are indeed protected by the government of the United States of America. To purposely abuse, injure or run over a chicken is punishable by a $500 fine and I will be watching."

"Just be thankful we have chickens running around instead of Guinea Hens."

"Insurance companies make less profit for doing something than Obama's regime makes for doing nothing."