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Sunday, October 27, 2013
Phoenix Rising lands in a new home

All the owner of Phoenix Rising ever wanted to do was help people.

A former St. Louis police officer, Daashia Cochran now offers holistic life coaching and circuit exercise in the old Maytag Laundry building, 5998 Overseas Highway, just off of 60th Street in Marathon.

What began as a mobile business two years ago, Phoenix Rising opened its new home Oct. 14. Its mission is "Lighting the way to a more encouraging and socially responsible lifestyle of exercise for the body, mind and spirit."

On its first day of operation, Cochran was leading a client through 12 stations of circuit training in the new place she has painted a vibrant yellow that she says makes clients feel good. What they will not find in the facility are mirrors.

"There is no self-judging here," she said.

Spending two minutes at each station with a brief rest in between makes the entire workout 30 minutes. Some clients go through the circuit twice.

To keep exercisers interested and challenged, Cochran, a lifelong athlete, changes the stations once a week. That way, clients are always progressing, always growing, she said.

"The stations are constantly transforming just like we are," she said. "Like the phoenix being reborn from the ashes, we keep the revolution for the evolution."

Cochran stands in the middle of the room when several clients are present, promoting local businesses in addition to offering encouragement and guidance.

Cochran's stations provide dynamic exercises with minimal equipment. She says she is careful not to put excess weight on people's joints, which enables a workout suitable for everyone, from kids to 80-year-olds.

Cochran may be familiar to patrons of Marathon Community Park who participated in her Circle of Fire sessions there from January through April.

"Entire families did the workouts at the park," she said. Demand for those circuit classes helped prompt Cochran to open Phoenix Rising in a permanent air-conditioned spot.

The fitness instructor regularly practices meditation, which she describes as breathing in a peaceful state. She plans to offer guided meditations at least one evening a week.

"Silence of the mind is the goal," she said. "If you silence the mind, the answers will come."

Her partner, Karen Thomas, R.N., is trained to provide body, mind and spirit healing through raindrop therapy and Healing Touch. Thomas said raindrop therapy uses therapeutic-grade essential oils to detoxify the body, mind and spirit, and its effects can last seven days. Healing Touch is used in hospitals and by hospices as a relaxing and nurturing therapy. Thomas has lived in the Florida Keys for 10 years and received her holistic training in Fort Lauderdale.

Additionally, Hatha yoga is offered at Phoenix Rising at 9:30 a.m. each Thursday, led by Sandy Hastings, an Ananda and IYT certified instructor, who has been offering yoga for about 13 years. Hatha yoga is considered a gentle form of yoga and uses postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength, flexibility and relaxation.

"I'm so impressed and excited to work with her," Cochran said.

Various cost options for Circle of Fire are available from $10 for a single session to a month of unlimited sessions. A grand opening special allows interested clients to buy one month of unlimited workouts and get the second month half off.

For more information, call 305-834-0801 or visit www.phoenixrising2013.com or the Facebook page PhoenixRising2013.

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