Monday, December 9, 2013

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1862 In Key West, Rear Adm. Bailey relieved Rear Adm. Lardner as commander of the East Gulf Blocking Squadron.

1867 Former President of the Southern Confederacy Jefferson Davis stopped in Key West on his way to Havana, where he was going for his health.

1886 The Jacksonville Times Union reported a double marriage that occurred in Key West during November. John Lowe, age 82, was married to Mrs. Mary Harris, age 80, and the same evening, his brother William Lowe, age 79, married Mrs. Helen Saunders, age 70.

1930 The Hydenoil Products Co. on Big Pine Key reported that one of its boats brought in a mackerel shark that was 14 ½ feet in length and 10 feet in circumference, and weighed 1,752 pounds. The company had seven boats in service and on Dec. 8 brought in 111 sharks averaging a little over 300 pounds each. Shark skin was used for leather, the liver was processed for the oil and the fins were sold for soup.

1954 Twentieth Century-Fox was shooting a documentary color film about Navy submarines in Key West.

1961 Teamsters Union head Jimmy Hoffa was in town inspecting the Casa Marina and La Concha hotels, which had been acquired by the union.

1993 Monroe County was trying to resolve an $8 million mistake. The county's consulting firm estimated that work on Card Sound Road would cost $11 million and borrowed that amount. The actual work cost only $3.8 million, leaving the county with the extra money, which could only be spent on the road.