Monday, December 9, 2013
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Medivac at sea by Coast Guard Jay Hawk helicopter

An 88 year old man aboard Carnival's Victory cruise ship had to be evacuated by a Jay Hawk helicopter while at sea Sunday morning after he experienced internal bleeding, according to the U.S. Coast Guard Key West Sector.

The emergency call came in around 8:05 a.m. Sunday from the ship, which was about 215 miles southwest of the tip of Cuba, Petty Officer Christopher Perkins said. Victory, which was not scheduled to make a stop in Key West, was at the end of its trip and on its way back to home port in Miami when the medical incident occurred.

A C130 airplane and the helicopter were dispatched from the Clearwater Coast Guard station to the scene as the ship traveled at full speed to close as much distance as they could, Perkins said.

The C130 was sent as a means for air support and to allow the helicopter to communicate with the land base because of the distance it was from land, the Coast Guard officer said.

The patient was hoisted into the Jay Hawk helicopter at sea and taken to the Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West for evaluation and if necessary, to be airlifted to Miami.

No further details on his condition or name was available at press time.

Carnival Victory, a 893-foot ship with a capacity of 2,754 passengers, is due back in Miami today.


Officials find 11 dead whales

National wildlife officials say 11 whales believed to be part of a pod that was stranded in the Everglades are dead.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration official Blair Mase says wildlife workers spotted the dead whales Sunday afternoon on Snipe Point, about six miles north of Sugarloaf Key.

That brings the overall death toll to 22.

The pod of 51 short-finned pilot whales was first spotted by a fishing guide Tuesday in the shallow waters off a remote section of the Everglades. The species is one of the most commonly involved in mass strandings.

Mase says that veterinary teams will try to determine whether any disease was a factor in the deaths.

Officials do not know the status of the remaining whales. The marine mammals were last seen alive Friday.