Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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1899 The USS Texas, Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee commanding, arrived in Havana. The Texas moved the bodies of the victims of the Maine disaster to Arlington National Cemetery. Father Chidwick, former chaplain of the Maine, identified the coffins.

1915 Fire destroyed the large cigar factory of E.H. Gato at the corner of Simonton and Virginia streets. In addition, six buildings on Virginia Street were also destroyed. The loss was over $150,000 and 500 men were thrown out of work by the fire.

1917 The first plane landed at the Naval Air Station at Trumbo Point. Lt. Stanley Parker, U.S. Coast Guard, assumed duties as commanding officer.

1923 The old Wesleyan Church on Simonton Street was being moved to make room for a new church on the site.

1949 President Harry Truman walked from the Little White House to the Fleet Sonar School, where he awarded diplomas to the 36 men that had graduated from the school.

1979Robert "Speedy" Neal, Key West High School football star, was named to the High School All-American team.