Thursday, December 19, 2013

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1832 John William Charles Fleeming, one of the four original owners of Key West, died and was buried in St. Paul's churchyard.

1898 A fire police group was organized at a meeting of the Fire Department Board. The fire police were used for crowd control at the scene of fires.

1927 Key West Airport was designed a port of entry.

1975 Former Key West Mayor C.B. Harvey retired after 40 years of government service. He served in the Navy during World War II, and after the war was employed in Navy Civil Service, and at the time of his retirement was director of the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department of the Naval Air Station.

1983 Joe Dietrich of the cable TV station produced a 45-minute video, "AIDS/HIV Florida Keys Update," which was honored with the Community Action Network's 1993 Media Award.

1998 Mel Fisher, the world's greatest treasure hunter, died at age 76. He searched for 15 years, overcoming government regulation, lawsuits, weather and the loss of his son to find the mother lode of the Spanish treasure ship Atocha in 1985.