Saturday, December 21, 2013

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1900 Southern Bell Telephone Co., in an experiment, connected the telephone wires with the gulf cable between here and Havana. Present were Miss Bessie Ingraham, T.L. Ingraham and J.W. Atkins, the latter adjusting the wires, called Havana. For a long while, there was no sound except the roar heard at night made by electric light current. Mr. Atkins kept on talking, and finally, the words "I don't understand you" came back clear and distinct. This was enough to demonstrate the fact that a proper telephone cable communication could be laid with foreign countries.

1912 President William H. Taft arrived on the train and, after touring the city and attending a luncheon in his honor, sailed on a Navy ship to Panama to inspect the construction of the Panama Canal, then in progress.

1917 St. Joseph Hospital was opened. Speeches were made by Dr. W.D. Warren, Dr. J.N. Fogarty, Domingo Milord, W. Hunt Harris and Mayor Allen B. Cleare. The hospital was owned and operated by Dr. N.C. Pintado.

1953 Police Chief Joseph Kemp announced that he was retiring after nearly 30 years on the force.

1975 Key West Fragrance and Cosmetics celebrated its fourth anniversary by opening its new store and factory at Greene and Simonton streets. In four years, the company has grown from two employees, Frank Romano and Joe Liska, to two stores and 36 employees in Key West, plus nine other shops in Florida and one in Haiti.

1993Alfred Rahming became Key West Fire Department's first black fire captain. Rahming had begun with the department in 1974.