Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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1900 The Sells and Gray Circus was on United Street, near Simonton Street, and two theatrical groups were playing at the San Carlos for a week.

1930 The Woman's Club, the Salvation Army and U.S. Army distributed 291 dinners to the poor of the city.

1936 Pena's Garden of Roses held its grand opening. It was located in an alley off Thomas Street behind the Monroe County Courthouse and became Key West's favored "watering hole" in the days before World War II. The Navy took over the area during the war and the building was destroyed to make room for military buildings.

1949 The Blackout Restaurant had a special "Noche Buena" Christmas Eve dinner of roast pork, black beans and rice for $1.25.

1993 The powerful head of the Cuban American National Foundation, Jorge Mas Canosa, brokered a truce between the two groups fighting for control of the San Carlos Institute.