Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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1830Joseph Beverly Browne arrived on the Island of Key West from his native Virginia. He was a member of the St. Joseph convention in 1838 that wrote the first constitution for the State of Florida. He also served as U.S. Marshall, Clerk of the U.S. Court, member of the Florida legislature, postmaster and Mayor of Key West.

1832 Father Sanson K. Brunot held the first Episcopal services on the Island and the first organized church services in the young city of Key West.

1899 The Christmas Sermon by Father Gilbert Higgs of St. Paul's Episcopal Church was delivered to a very large congregation.

1907 The Salvation Army distributed seventy-five baskets of food to the poor of the city.

1908 St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church and Holy Innocents Episcopal Church held mid-night services.

1933 Manhattan Cafe was offering a Christmas dinner of turkey and dressing with all the trimming for $.65.