Thursday, December 26, 2013

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1905 Dr. John B. Maloney was promoted chief surgeon for the Second Infantry Regiment, Florida National Guard.

1954 The 53-unit Southernmost Motel at the corner of Duval and South street was under construction. The owners Benand Aron Mazur planned to be renting units by January 1.

1966 The Navy reported that the military community in Key West was composed of 8,582 Navy, 663 Air Force, 570 Army, 37 Coast Guard, 1,180 military students, 1,294 civilian employees and 10,002 military dependents living in the area.

1972Harry S. Truman, 88, the 33rd American President died in Missouri. He had spent 11 working vacations at the Little Whitehouse in Key West.

1975 The Florida Statistical Abstract for 1975 shows that in 1974, Monroe County had the highest cost of living of any county in Florida. This was the first time that Monroe County surpassed Dade County as the most costly place to live in Florida.