Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Key West fire trucks responding to a fire at 1419 Petronia collided at the intersection of Truman Avenue and Grinnell Street. One of the trucks also hit a car that had pulled over. One fireman was slightly injured. Another truck from Station Three responded and doused the fire.

Key West High School senior Bruce "Sam" Biow was named as the principal nominee for appointment to the United States Military Academy by Congressman Dante B. Fascell.

The Big Pine Fire Department averred disaster by evacuating more than 20 patrons from Sugarloaf Lodge restaurant after a bottle gas leak.

Leo A. McMahon, who worked for the Naval Air Station, first started on Dec. 3, 1910, as an apprentice machinist, which held the title as "First Class Boy."

Charles E. "Capt. Ed" Butters, 70, died at the Overseas Hospital, Islamorada. He came to the Keys in 1926 and operated the Matecumbe Motel, which was destroyed by the 1935 Hurricane, and later had the Fern Inn in Islamorada.