Tuesday, February 4, 2014

• The captains of the four Cuban fishing boats brought to Key West by the Coast Guard for fishing in American waters were being questioned by the U.S. State Department.

• The Monroe County Advertising Commission was forced to pay a $3,900 bill for an outdoor sign contract signed in 1963 by the Monroe County Commission.

• Florida Disposal was warning resdients that garbage collection would be discontinued if garbage bills were not paid by Feb. 10 and cards were not displayed on garbage cans.

• Ninth grade student Harvey Watkins launched the 18-foot outboard boat he built from a set of plans he purchased for 50 cents.

•Malcolm J. McElveen, journalist third class, was serving on the icebreaker USS Glacier taking part in Operation Deep Freeze.

• Dion Appliance and Goodyear Tire Supply Store was at 825 Duval St.