Thursday, February 20, 2014

50 years ago:

The 29 Cuban fishermen sailed from Key West on their four boats after they were found guilty and fined for fishing in Florida Waters without a license. The Czechoslovakian diplomat representing the Cuban Government paid the $2,000 fine and the men and boats were released by Judge Thomas Caro.

Former State Representative Berine C. Papy announced he was a candidate for his old office. Papy was a member of the Florida House for 28 years before he lost to Charlie Ramos in 1962.

Key West City Commission had a new 16-page ordinance drawn up by the city attorney covering all phases of the taxi cab business.

A Navy wife was given the Red Cross Certificate of Merit for saving a 17-day-old infant two days after completing the Red Cross first aid course.

Eddie's Fish Basket on Sugarloaf Key was sold. The restaurant had been closed since 1954 when Captain Linton had retired. He had opened the restaurant before World War Two.