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Sunday, March 2, 2014
How we got to this point

How we got to this point

•1987 -- Florida Legislature prohibits local governments from regulating home gun ranges.

• 2005 -- State Attorney General Charlie Crist opines that local governments can't regulate recreational gun ranges.

•2011 -- Legislature beefs up law with $5,000 fine, and revocation of office for elected officials who prohibit gun ranges. Continued on Page 8A.


•2011 -- Palm Beach County sues governor for not being allowed to regulate the discharging of firearms, and over the revocation of elected officials section.

• 2012 -- The court sides with governor on regulation of firearms, but it has yet to rule on revoking elected officials.

• 2014 -- Big Pine Key resident Doug Varrieur builds gun range at his home and starts firing guns there every Wednesday.

• 2014 -- City of Sunrise seeks attorney general's opinion on the law and is told that local governments can't regulate gun ranges.

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