Saturday, March 8, 2014
Mile Markers


$10K items pawned for $100

Anthony Yoder, the man jailed Thursday after police said he was found hiding beneath a bed at 703 Fleming St., pawned 14 paintings, electronics and two bottles of rum for $100, police said.

Yoder, 29, an Ohio native, faces felony charges of burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

Liquid 8 Pawn Shop gave Yoder $100 for all of the items, which the owner says are valued at $10,000, stated a police report released Friday. Yoder provided a thumb print, his Ohio driver's license and a photo for the pawn shop.


Coast Guard searching for sailboat

A man rescued from a sailboat about four or five miles south of Key West Thursday during the squall that blew through the Keys was airlifted, but his boat was left adrift and the Coast Guard is asking for the public's help in the search.

The man was alone when he began suffering from chest pains and was in and out of consciousness when the helicopter found him and took him to Sector Key West and waiting paramedics, said Lt. Peter Bermont.

The Coast Guard did not have a vessel name or description other than it was a sailboat, a light was left on it and it was expected to continue to drift south, Bermont said.


Arnold's gets towing contract

City commissioners last week unanimously approved an exclusive towing contract with Arnold's Towing and Marine Repair, a 33-year-old family owned business.

Arnold's topped the list of the five companies that submitted bids to the city, which ended its rotation list of towing companies after city attorneys said the group's "petty squabbles" were wasting staff time.

Arnold's offered to pay the city $100,000 for each year of the two-year contract in exchange for the exclusive deal.