Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kindergarten and first-grade classes from Stanley Switlik Elementary School spent the day in the hammock recently learning about the natural environment and the importance of preserving it. Second-grade classes are scheduled to visit Crane Point later this month.

Retired teacher and Crane Point board member Beth Pinkus, along with volunteers Sue Meyer, Colin Parker and Sandi Bisceglia; presented lessons in the outdoor setting of Crane Point.

The students arrived by bus, with lunches in hand, and prepared for an adventure in learning. Subject matter included tropical hammocks, animal habitats and adaptations, birds, wetlands, animal and plant classifications, recycling, the interactions of living things, conservation, environmental manners, endangered species, life cycles, near-shore habitats, Florida history, and more.

All lessons were coordinated to align with school requirements, according to grade levels.

The students were able to plant seeds in pots they painted and take them back to their classroom for further observation and study.

For more information about scheduling school trips at Crane Point, call 305-743-3900, or email