Sunday, April 27, 2014

The ACE Alternative Education Facility for boys on Trumbo Road has received another generous donation in support of its physical education program. The program, known as ACE Strength, with the motto "Mind and Body" promotes physical and mental toughness to the young men at the school.

Utility board member Tim Root has donated the leftover funds from his successful political campaign to ACE. The check was for $500.

ACE PE Teacher John Grimesey was impressed with Root's donation.

"Tim's been a good friend for many years and I've always known him as a supporter of the key west community," he said. "This is incredibly generous even for him. With the support of Tim, Jack Niles, and Frank Dunne, our ACE Strength program will be able to provide incentives to our kids to stay active and stay strong. People like them make things happen in this town."