Thursday, May 1, 2014

50 years ago:

Sheriff's deputies captured a convicted bandit that had escaped from the county jail a week earlier.

Charles Major, president of the Key West chapter of the NAACP, expressed concern over the number of absentee ballots that had been requested for the May 5 primary election. Absentee ballots were often used for vote buying purposes.

The State road department was removing political signs, which they said, was "in violation of outdoor advertising laws."

The Key West Convention Bureau reported that more than 1,300 people were expected to attend the five conventions booked for May.

Haydon Burns, candidate for governor, departed by private plane after a fiery speech at the Town House Motor Inn.

Boy Scout Troop 52, the oldest established Scout troop in Key West occupied their new headquarters on Front Street in a building loaned by Florida First National Bank.