Sunday, May 18, 2014
Construction nears end

The work on North Roosevelt, which began in April 2012, is on the homestretch. With 91.9 percent of the work completed, the project is expected to wrap up in July.

During the next two weeks, work will continue on the Salt Run Channel Bridge. In addition, work on water lines, sewer laterals, drainage and utility work for the entire length of the project, along with mast arms and lighting, will take place.

The paving operation is set to begin overnight Monday on the "business side" of the boulevard. Paving operations will begin at the Eisenhower end of the project and move eastward. Intermittent side street and driveway closures can be expected while paving operations cross streets and drives.

Paving operations are extremely impacted by rain events, so the schedule is subject to the cooperation of Mother Nature.