BIG PINE KEY -- County officials will consider collection actions Wednesday, July 16, against five Big Pine Key properties that have been slapped with liens for code compliance violations.

Two of the properties are owned by Shawn E. and Maria T. Renz. The couple has failed to pay fines of $15,000 and $10,000 after a special magistrate found that their Lantana Lane and Minorca Drive properties were being used illegally as vacation rental properties, according to the county attorney.

A Violet Drive property owned by Robert and Michelle Deiss has been accumulating fines of $100 a day since Nov. 1 for prohibiting safe navigation along their canal by not cutting back overgrown vegetation.

Manuel Francisco and Sheri A. Cuervo, who own a Tarpon Road property, face a fine of $156,050 after a special magistrate found in 2011 that they had created an unsafe condition by not obtaining a final inspection on the installation of an air conditioning unit.

The couple also has collected $51,400 in fines since last fall for failing to mow their property and remove trash and debris.

Finally, property owner GGH 36 LLC has accumulated code compliance fines of $73,200 for using its vacant lot on Cedar Drive to park and store trailers.

A range of actions are available to the Monroe County Commission, including litigation against the property owners for foreclosure and money judgment, allowing the liens to remain or reducing the amount of the fines.