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Thursday, August 14, 2014
School board District 4

1) "I would like the district to move away from the emphasis on teaching to a test and instead concentrate on the subject matter. In the long run the students would be better served, and I believe it would also improve our measured results."

2) "For the Key West schools that have fallen in their results, some of it is the aforementioned concentration on testing, and part of it is a loss of students to the charter schools. We need to understand that we are in a competition for the students, and meet that challenge, because in the end everyone will benefit from the competition, as results will rise in both our traditional schools and our charter schools.

We will soon be debt-free from the bonds that paid for the previous construction projects, and with the proceeds from renewing the one-half cent sales tax we would be able to do both Plantation Key School and Gerald Adams School.

There has been a lot of speculation about problems with Horace O'Bryant School. However, it was done on time and under budget, and so far no complaints about the finished product. When the audit of the project is presented to us, I will then see if there are lessons to be learned."

Bosworth didn't return phone calls or email requests for comment, but previously said during an interview that "as a former teacher, I'm for giving more respect for the teachers, as they're the people working with our children. I've been on the front line of education, and I appreciate them, and I don't know that our board is respecting them right now.

"I really just want to improve the morale of the teachers in the system, and let them know we appreciate all they do to earn grants and make these A schools, and be there for the children and the public."


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