Florida Keys Schools

Friday, May 22, 2015

After debating whether public money should ever go to a nonprofit in Key West, city commissioners went ahead and approved giving $5,000 to the nonprofit “Keys to Be the Change” this week.

“Here’s our dilemma: we have 144 nonprofits in Key West,” said Commissioner Teri Johnston, before voting in favor of the $5,000 gift, which comes from the city manager’s discretionary fund.

The city over the years has aimed to reduce nonprofit funding, and over the past few years has only given money to the Boys & Girls Club of the Keys Area, which provides after-school child care for working parents, and a youth employment program run by Billy Davis, executive director of A Positive Step.

Keys to Be the Change, created in April 2014 by Heidi Golightly, is in play at local schools and teaches children to eat healthy, avoid drugs and alcohol and provides mentors and opportunities for volunteer work, such as litter clean-up and helping senior citizens.