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Archive for July 2018

The Key West Citizen

“I wish The Citizen would publish the facts about this ‘pocket park’ in advance of the planned City approval meeting. I was told today by a neighbor that this ‘park’ will include over 100 new restaurant seats. Can that be right? In that small space? That’s not a park, it’s a new restaurant! I was[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 30

“I was attacked this morning on my scooter on Duval. First the street sweeper turned the corner just a few feet from me as I waited for the light. It spat filthy water all over my left arm. I proceeded and a half block later there were two atomic leaf blower idiots with masks and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 28

“This is why we left Key West: the city cuts $155k from its budget to non-profits, citing ‘challenges,’ but can find an estimated $2.1 million for raises for all city employees (on top of extra salary for Irma). The combination of cutting aid to worthy groups due to budget shortfalls with finding more money for[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 27

“The city should end the shuttle service for cruise ships docked at the Outer Mole. We’re currently paying about a half a million dollars a year to a local company that picks them up and then drops them off at their business downtown. This should be a private matter between cruise lines and local companies[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 26

“We must ensure we retain the best teachers, emergency workers, and essential personnel for a lifetime of service to our community. Give them low wages and a dormitory and we’ll have them long enough to get trained, get smart and leave town to start a family. Give them a living wage and they’ll buy a[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 25

“Can someone explain how the thousands of non-Keys people and boats that invade our waters over the mini-season are helping our regular working people? The tons of lobster they take home aren’t feeding our own families and fishermen. Look at sea grasses the week before they arrive and then compare that to all of the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 24

“I’m wondering why the city’s sports programs were not cut from the 2018-19 City budget yet programs like Boys and Girls Club, AHEC, A Positive Step and Keys to be the Change- all programs that directly serve the health and well being of our children. They were required to beg for money yet the city[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 23

“$55M for monitor upgrades along the US1: please tell me it comes with photo enforcement ability! Let technology work for us and enable law enforcement to focus on other things while the cameras get speeds and driving habits back into safe zones. Kudos to the deputy who was able to pull over multiple cars during[…]