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Archive for September 2018

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 29

“You do not own the parking space in front of your house. It is city property maintained by taxes that the person who has the residential parking sticker pays. They have a right to be there just as you have a right to park in other parts of town.” “Will Key West get smart and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 28

“The (Stock Island trailer park) story is ridiculous. Take care of the property and make provision for its residents. These owners and any locals involved in this should be publicly shamed. Who are their lawyers? Their land planners? Who else is involved with this that should know better?” “I wholeheartedly agree with the writer in[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 27

“We have two years to head off Triangle Carmageddon by putting in place Lower Keys Shuttle every 15 minutes, Key West Transit from Stock Island every 15 minutes, park-n-ride lots on Stock Island, Uber pool, Lyft pool, carpool and van pool programs and employer/county/city sponsored incentives for not commuting alone. Or we can keep whining[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 26

“I hope the new mayor of Key West will do something about the rooster issue in this town. Who in their right mind introduces roosters to a non-farming community?” “So the FDOT wants to bring Miami-style rush hour gridlock to the lower Keys and Key West during the Cow Key Bridge replacement. That should add,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 25

“People complain about too much traffic, lack of parking and shortage of housing options, then in their next breath bemoan the loss off some businesses. Sometimes less is more, folks.” “Reading about the man in Stuart, Florida, gardening nude and neighbors complaining just gave me insight as to how much government is slowly taking away[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 24

“So happy to read no fights or problems with the Poker Run bikers. I am sure that someone from Key West originally brought the Poker Run to Key West. I am also sure it increased revenues in hotels, bars and restaurants. Cruise ship increases? Be careful, Key West, we need them but they surely do[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 22

“A 48-hour evacuation deadline for new ROGOs is 100 percent unenforceable, will be 100 percent ignored and in five years, 100 percent forgotten.” “Just listened to your editor speaking on U.S.1 Radio’s Morning Magazine. She expressed surprise that only 30 people showed up at the FDOT meeting about the Cow Key Channel Bridge construction, which[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 21

“Wave-runner rooster tails corroding the Cow Key Channel Bridge? This is absurd. So all bridges over saltwater everywhere where there are wave runners have this problem? Can we get a second opinion? Our FDOT is our most incompetent state agency.” “To the proposal about moving KOTS to the city land next to the Steamplant condos,[…]