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Seasoned journalist brings suspense to historic storm

Those of us who are seasoned hurricane veterans (I have been through six hurricane eyes) can be divided easily into five categories. There are the “first-outers,” who leave at the first sign of a storm. Then come the constrained citizens, who realize the danger but have barriers to evacuation. This[…]

Agatha Christie classic takes Miss Marple on holiday

Occasionally I like to revisit classic books and authors to see if I still enjoy them as much as I did in the past. Who is more classic in the cozy mystery genre than Dame Agatha Christie? She wrote 66 mystery novels in which she introduced two of the best-known[…]

Killer-for-hire on menu of this waterfront Southern sizzler

Nick Thacker is primarily known for his Harvey Bennett thrillers, but in “Mark For Blood” he introduces a new protagonist, Mason Dixon. I’ve never encountered a protagonist quite like Mason. The book has an unusual premise. Mason’s day job is as the owner and operator a South Carolina waterfront bar/diner.[…]

Intense psychological thriller shocks, surprises and satisfies

Brianna Labuskes’ “Girls Of Glass” is a psychological thriller that takes place in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is a dark drama that simmers with hints of pending revelations. Secrets and pain overwhelm the reader, detailing a type of tragedy that never should happen. While on one level it is a[…]

Epic tale of science gone awry is a page-turner

Sometimes paradise isn’t exactly what it’s supposed to be. “The Paradise Key” is the fifth installment in Nick Thacker’s popular Harvey Bennett thriller series. Each book can easily be read as a standalone. For those of you who are new to the series, Harvey and his team belong to a[…]

‘The Promise’ doesn’t live up to its promise

“They sit very still in this room full of blood and sorrow — girls whose pulses burst in their veins and boom inside their ears. Their heads. Somewhere a clock ticks. A bird calls. … Three girls, one dead.” This intro to Teresa Driscoll’s latest novel piqued my interest and[…]

Riveting tale of intrigue, revenge and self-discovery

With my interest in writing and writers, I’m a sucker for books on bibliophile-related topics. So it didn’t take long to decide to review Layton Green’s “Written in Blood” when the opportunity presented itself. I must say I wasn’t disappointed. This book was not gimmicky or cheesy and turned out[…]

‘And a Bottle of Rum’ tells the history of the liquor

Gimmicky history books about esoteric topics can often be fun to read while being educational as well. “And A Bottle Of Rum” definitely qualified. The topic that New Orleans-based Wayne Curtis chose was looking at the history of America and the West Indies through the lens of rum. He originally[…]