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Not-so-neighborly thriller full of menace, lies

I have an admission to make. I don’t know most of my neighbors. I wave as I drive by or say a quick hello when I retrieve my mail. But that’s pretty much it. Maybe that’s kind of sad, but after reading Rachel Sargeant’s “The Perfect Neighbors” maybe I’m getting[…]

A thriller/mystery laced with a dose of fantasy

M.A. Rothman is the first member of his family to have been born in the U.S. His Hungarian-born grandfather was a World War II refugee who fled Nazi occupation. Rothman is a computer engineer who focuses on system software design. His computer designs are embedded in virtually every modern computer[…]

A dramatic thriller thick with fear and tension

With “Unwelcome Guests,” Australian author Anne Willett’s second novel, she has created a gripping and exciting thriller that has its share of creepy moments and characters you love to hate. The story starts off at a gentle pace with Caitin, her husband, Eli, and her brother-in-law, Jace, all going off[…]

‘Make You Pay’ a dark, eerie cat-and-mouse-type thriller

The good news for Alice: most stalkers are not killers. The bad news: a lot of killers are stalkers first. Teresa Driscoll’s dark and eerie cat-and-mouse-game thriller, “I Will Make You Pay,” begins one ordinary Wednesday when small-town newspaper reporter Alice Henderson answers her office phone to a voice saying,[…]

‘The Ultimatum’ is a mix of Robin Hood and ‘Jane’ Bond

I enjoy it when authors create unusual, somewhat unique characters in their books. Bianca St. Ives, known as The Guardian, certainly meets that criteria in author Karen Robards’ “The Ultimatum.” She has an English literature degree from Sarah Lawrence College, can pass as an art expert and, on her own[…]

A dark, gory, quirky read based in the Florida Keys

Author Thomas Sanchez, according to his biography, is a descendant of four generations of cattlemen dating back to the 19th century California Gold Rush. Sanchez is a member of the Actors Studio and a film director who divides his time between San Francisco, Key West and Paris. “American Tropic” is[…]