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Author uncorks man’s history with the bottle

I like to drink. I also like to read. So it didn’t take me long to decide that if “A Short History Of Drunkenness” wasn’t some gigantic tome (it’s less than 300 pages), I was ready to get comfy, curl up with a cocktail and give it a try. This[…]

‘Mayan Star’ raises question of rise of early Christianity

A proven method of creating a plausible storyline for a novel that I have used myself on multiple occasions is to base the fictional story on a real nugget from history. This is exactly what Howard Allan has done with “Mayan Star.” This much of the story is true: In[…]

Appearances are not deceiving in ‘The Man With One of Those Faces’

“The Man With One of Those Faces,” the debut novel by Irish comedian Caimh McDonnell, combines a thriller with an assortment of larger-than-life characters, plenty of one-line zingers, sarcastic exchanges, slapstick action and lots of dark humor as he explores the age-old theme of “the wrong place at the wrong[…]

‘A Cover-Up Conspiracy’ marks return of married sleuths

Raymond Chandler aside, crime fighting is not always a lonely pursuit. Sherlock Holmes had his Watson. Gadabout detective Nick Charles had his sassy socialite wife, Nora. There’s a good dramatic reason for this: A foil to whom the detective can present facts for the benefit of the voyeuristic reader. Also,[…]

The Key West Citizen

Toby Neal was raised on Kauai, Hawaii and wrote and illustrated her first book when she was only 5 years old. She majored in journalism before becoming a mental health therapist, a profession she continues to this day. But with the Lei Crime series, she had returned to her original[…]

‘The Caribbean Job’ continues thrilling adventures of Case Lee

Author Vince Milam and series protagonist retired Delta operator Case Lee are equally mysterious. About the only thing an investigation into Milam reveals is that he is an Idaho author. “I live in the Intermountain West; where soaring mountains and vast high deserts give a person plenty of room to[…]

‘Miami Burn’ is a detective puzzle for the brain

According to author John D. Patten’s biography, in his youth he was prone to skip classes or work because he couldn’t tear himself away from a Robert B. Parker Spencer book or a John D. MacDonald Travis McGee adventure. He also memorized Philip Marlowe’s sarcastic lines in Raymond Chandler’s detective[…]

Pennington’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ is just what the doctor ordered

When I got an unsolicited copy of “Dead Reckoning” by Craig Pennington in the mail, I felt overdue for a fun read. I had just finished three other unsolicited manuscripts that I literally had to force myself to finish. This book turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.[…]