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Theater group hosts national acts and local performances

Kevin Nealon, Howie Mandel, the Kingston Trio, Paula Poundstone and Patty Smyth and Scandal are just a few of the easily recognizable names that appear on the performance calendar for the Key West Theater, 512 Eaton St.  The national acts are in addition to the dozens of performances, workshops and seminars put on by local[…]

Supermarket eyes late May opening

ISLAMORADA — Doors of the new Publix could swing open in late May. “The earmarked date for opening is during the week before Memorial Day,” Nicole Krauss, Publix community-relations manager for Southeast Florida, said April 13. “We’re very excited about Islamorada.” Work at the mile marker 83.3 site on Upper Matecumbe Key continues so the[…]

Shop mantra: Be grateful, and paddleboard

KEY LARGO — Keeping a running tab of things to be grateful for is the dharma principle of Michael Weppner’s life. It is also the foundation of his business, Gratitude Watersports Cafe “Gratitude is being grateful for where you are and being grateful for what you have. I want to wake up each day and be as[…]

Seagrass combines sushi and Thai food in Overseas Market

Paul and Poy  Chunsawang signed the lease for Seagrass, their new Thai restaurant in Overseas Market shopping center, 10 days before Hurricane Irma crossed the island chain and kept people away for weeks. But upon their return, it didn’t take long for word to spread. Lunchtime discussions and decisions throughout Key West and the Lower[…]

Students profit from computer proficiency

“Keep going” was the advice given this week to more than 100 Monroe County students who received cash incentives for passing one or more industry certifications in various computer science courses through a privately funded program known as Monroe Computes. Launched in 2015 and funded by local philanthropists John Padget and Jacob Gelt-Dekker, Monroe Computes[…]

Studio reflects artist’s passion for glass creations

ISLAMORADA — The allure of shimmering dichroic glass never dims for Stephanie Martin. “It’s magical, sparkly and shiny,” Martin smiled in her Seaside Glassworks, a working art studio and gallery in Islamorada. Polychromatic depictions of sea turtles, hogfish and more sparkle in the light, reflected and refracted, by the art glass in the shop at[…]

Ocean Pointe reopens after renovations

TAVERNIER — It has taken 14 loads of sand, 18 loads of pearock, 36 loads of mulch and nearly 2,000 plants to get the grounds at the Ocean Pointe Suites at Key Largo ready for an end-of-March reopening after Hurricane Irma pummeled the oceanfront property in September. “We’ve worked 70-hour weeks, and as bad as[…]

Local soap maker lathers healthy suds

KEY LARGO — Sulfates and parabens make Whitney Gonzalez’s skin crawl. On a molecular level, such synthetic compounds have played a part in her decision to craft her own soap line, G House Soaps. “A lot of times, soap gives me a chalky feel,” she said of commercially mass-produced bars of soap. “Companies disguise detergents[…]

Collections, Key West spruces up Safe Harbor

Artist and inventor Karen Wray has lived for 32 years at Safe Harbor Marina, in a hip and secluded apartment above the woodworking shop she shares with her artist husband Jimmy Wray. But she’s only operated the gallery space above Lost Kitchen Supper Club for a few years. Collections, Key West is on the second[…]

Reclaimed wood turned into custom creations

MARATHON — Chris Bryk takes a load off of forests by salvaging wood to build durable furniture. The repurposed wood is often painted or resin-filled, giving it character and making it insect proof. “I pick up wood everywhere, like reclaimed wood out of a gazebo, or anywhere, really,” Bryk said. “After the hurricane, there was[…]