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State, federal assistance for businesses, workers

Loans and employment assistance are being offered through a variety of state and federal programs for small business owners and employees who are facing setbacks due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few that recently became available: FLORIDA RE-EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE Floridians whose employment has been negatively impacted because[…]

College awarded $2.5M to expand construction apprenticeships

STOCK ISLAND — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced the College of the Florida Keys was awarded $2,553,653 to expand its construction apprenticeship programs to the Middle and Upper Keys. CFK was one of seven organizations awarded through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Rebuild Florida Workforce Recovery Training Program.[…]

Building trust with your employees

Trust is easy when there’s nothing to lose. Many of us live by the creed that we’ll trust people until they give us a reason to do otherwise. The problem is that the reasons creep up without us realizing them. Trust becomes a problem when competing needs are at stake.[…]

Clothing line gets people talking about ocean

FLORIDA KEYS — Butterfly fish and sea turtles on an oceanic lifestyle shirt first catch the eye. A longer look brings the message home. “The images on the shirts look almost photographic, so good that it takes people a minute. Then they notice the cans, plastic bags, bottles and all[…]

Platform offers a way to comfort those left behind

ISLAMORADA — The question that Family Legacy USA founder Michael Anzalone poses is thought-provoking: “If you died tomorrow, is there anything you’d want to say to your loved ones?” The online platform Family Legacy allows subscribers to digitally store voice recordings and photos to be sent after their death to[…]

Key Largo woman starts mobile car detailing service

Danielle Davis loves dirty cars. As the new business owner of DDetails, a mobile auto detailing service, that’s her slogan. She is a firm believer that clean cars are happy cars and overall perform better. What began as a side hustle has grown into a steady business within the few[…]

Ensure you lead and not only manage

Years ago, I attended a lecture in New York City in which the speaker reminded his audience that sometimes “we get so busy making a living, that we forget to make a life.” I felt an immediate sucker punch in my belly, knowing that my 14-hour days working at the[…]

Survey asks public for views on plastic use

UPPER KEYS — A survey sponsored by the village of Islamorada and support groups asks: How much do customers depend on disposable plastics? More to the point, how much would they be willing to change restaurant takeout habits in the name of environmental protection? “We want to help local businesses[…]

Total value of home sales up 12% in 2019

FLORIDA KEYS — Sales of single-family homes in the Florida Keys hit $1.2 billion in 2019, up nearly 12% from 2018, according to reports from Florida Keys Board of Realtors listing services. The 1,451 houses listed as sold had an average sale price of $801,796. The 1,329 houses sold in[…]

Four keys to effective leadership

You don’t have to be in charge to be a leader. If you are a parent, sibling, part of a team, or if you manage people in any capacity (including customers), you have the opportunity to be leader. In fact, most organizations have an informal leadership system, a person or[…]