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Citizens’ Voice: March 21

“Look at Admiral’s Cut like the southern border wall; it separates us from them. The reluctant few that you refer to are the locals who paid for the park and expected to have a place virtually free of tourists; very few of those in downtown Key West. As for the many that you were keeping[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 20

“There is a harbor walk virtually all the way from the Key West Bight to Mallory Square — one of the true delights in Key West. There is but the Admiral’s Cut gap that prevents it from running all the way along the harbor waterfront. Why should the reluctance of a few stand in the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 19

“I live near Harris School and don’t understand why the city is harassing the owner. The city sold it for a pittance. Now at least it provides daily, weekly and monthly parking for vehicles that would be illegally parking on the street.” “Went to Tarpon Belly yesterday with family and friends for daughter’s 15th birthday.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 16

“Um, just wondering … did the TDC make any payments to Mike Peters of the comic strip ‘Mother Goose and Grimm?’ Ha! It’s actually pretty cute.” “What happened to the new ‘Pocket Park’ at the 1400 block of Duval? The Seaside Cafe is open at the Southernmost House, but nothing else. Did the community get[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 15

“Love the weekend strolls on the closed blocks of Duval and have eaten down there, too. I have a suggestion. If the curbs were removed, the sidewalks could be made flat with the street so that the restaurants could put their tables up against their buildings rather than having to place them in the middle[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 14

“Love the Duval Loop! Can they put a map of the route in the bus too (and maybe dial down the ‘AC’)?” “If the city buys The Citizen building for $5M, how much is saved by vacating the existing buildings used by Community Services — either selling them off or ending lease payments?” “The majority[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 13

“Western Union people are begging again. The last ‘restoration’ attempt failed. Please, do not waste our tax money on this fiasco. Break it up and make ‘historic’ trinkets to sell to tourists at Mallory Square. Put money into the treasury instead.” “We’ve been vacationing in Key West for eight years, and we love the Mall[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 12

“You think the active shooter drills are psychologically damaging? From my experience, the fire drills we went through were not, nor were the air-raid drills. What is more damaging is the over-publicizing of the rare occurrences by the media making children believe this happens way more often than it does. Granted, even once is too[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 11

“Please, mayor and commissioners, can you do something to stop the incessant car and truck alarms going off every time the Conch Tour Train passes the intersection of Catherine and Grinnell? This obnoxious noise has been occurring for many months and the residents have had it! The train is very quiet (we actually don’t even[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 9

“Closing Duval Street to cars will actually serve, in the end, to relieve congestion because it encourages folks to park their cars and use their legs. If it’s paired with more frequent public transport that serves the entire island, we can look forward to a car less-and-less Key West.” “I live in the Grinnell/Catherine street[…]