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Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 23

“Did the city give away the public beach at the end of Simonton to Lagerheads? There is no sign indicating it’s public. Lagerheads has fenced off part of the beach. Their tables and chairs and rentals cover the entire beach. Twenty percent of the beach is a storage for watersports[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 21

“Mandy Miles’ column ‘The Troubling Truth’ reflects the thoughts of many people who live here in what was the most unusual and beautiful Florida Keys. I have lived here in Summerland for 22 years and visited Key West from the early 1980 fishing and lobstering and boy, have things changed!”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 20

“Could our city leaders and store operators spend a few minutes online looking at welcoming, pleasant, historic neighborhoods that thrive on tourist business? Walk down Duval Street in the early morning and it’s easy to see what’s wrong. It’s like turning the lights on in a dive bar after closing:[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 19

“Why is the residential sticker price being raised, when it is worthless? Parking of cars without stickers in residential spots is commonplace with little or no enforcement, especially on Old Town streets. On a recent morning, I counted eight vehicles without residential stickers on the 700 block of Eaton Street[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 18

“The Duval Loop is a free service that operates at less than one-third capacity. Therefore it’s a failure. It hasn’t eliminated traffic in Old Town; in fact, it’s added to it.” “Dockmaster’s office and launching area are looking great. Now if somebody could figure out who owns the bikes and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 17

“Hey, Key West Cares, how about a giant yard sale? Then people could clean out their closets, contribute the stripper shoes they don’t need in the Bahamas, buyers get what they want or need and Key West Cares gets funds for supplies and flights.” “Let’s see if I have this[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 16

“Call your commissioners about the proposed tax increase. Tell them it will effect how you vote; make them accountable.” “Yay, Sugarloaf and Coach Tirado! AYSO is back. Big Pine fields still recovering from Irma, but Friday night lights at the school and kids playing. Great to have the Lower Keys[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 14

“Let’s put the city’s proposal to add 12 new employees in perspective. On the city website, the employee directory lists 271 people. Let’s take out the 138 or so who are police/fire/EMS as they are critical/essential services. This leaves a headcount of 133, which we can call truly ‘City Hall[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 13

“I see that our city officials want to raise property taxes again so they can hire more people! Don’t they realize that landlords will just pass this along by raising rents? If they really wanted affordable housing they would lower property taxes!” “Thank you to The Citizen for following ethical[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 12

“Let me get this straight. You can ship 35,000 pounds to the Bahamas on a container for $4,500, but these guys are bringing 3,000 pounds for $8,000? On top of that, they have a photographer on the team screaming at everyone on Facebook about how they know what they are[…]