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Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 18

“You know you are the most clueless tourist in Key West when you go to the Green Parrot and not only block the service counter, but you pull up a chair to be even more lazy in doing so.” “Are we after the actual cause of bicycle crashes with the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 17

“To the person who pets and feeds the iguanas: please provide your address so we can bring over our iguanas! They have destroyed the beautiful flowering shrubs and other bushes at our condo complex, including ones that they supposedly don’t eat. We can make sure they live a long and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 16

“Why does the City of Key West have to ‘make it clear’ to the local drivers what is required when you come to a flashing red light? If you have a driver’s license in any state of the union, you are supposed to know already! Flashing red means stop! Look[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 15

“Now we have a Florida Keys Sculpture Trail populated with artworks by Art Students League of New York artists and a major artwork in Bahama village created by a Broward County firm. Not a huge vote of confidence for Florida Keys artists.” “Concerning the old man who questions an 18-year-old’s[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct.14

“Get your facts straight, you who preach about the HAWK lights. Straight from the DOT notice: flashing red lights mean that you can proceed through the crosswalk if the pedestrian has cleared. That is why the cop did not stop.” “Ignorance leads to arrogance! That is what has happened with[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 12

“Two law enforcement agencies give varied accounts of event involving the two agencies. One is lying. Not good.” “Loop bus = obnoxious. Oil wherever it stops, brakes squeak, emits pollutants. It is too big for our streets. Unnecessary! This city does not care about its carbon footprint. Today it went[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 11

“There is a lack of information from the city and county about the HAWK system and what exactly the flashing red lights mean to drivers. I have seen drivers go through the flashing lights, with a cop behind them. I have witnessed last-minute crossers almost getting hit. Flashing red lights[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 10

“Bertha Street is like a bad cold in the Voice. It never goes away. The City of Key West is always blamed for its condition. Is this little street actually owned by the county?” “To the person who makes $120,000 a year and can’t afford to live here; I concur.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 09

“I just saw that the city has booked a concert for a popular group called Blackberry Smoke at the amphitheater on Dec. 28. This is already, by far, one of the busiest nights of the year here with 100 percent occupancy, outrageous room rates and a town so packed you[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 8

“I went by the new pocket park at the end of Duval. It looks pretty nice, but there was standing water and seaweed everywhere. I thought the whole reason the city gave this public space to a private owner was because they committed to fix the drainage issue.” “Beautiful sunset.[…]