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Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 18

“Kudos for the editorial suggesting a ban on cruise ships in Key West. At the weekly farmers market on Thursday, one of them was spewing black smoke right up into the air, polluting a perfect, blue sky. We are not getting richer from these ships, we’re getting sicker, inhaling their[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 17

“Letting a pitcher throw 103 pitches in a pre-season game is unacceptable at every level. Wins don’t count in pre-season!” “It’s a shame the outdoor tables trial is not working for small businesses like Le Petite Grignote. It doesn’t seem right that a place selling coffee and pastries that is[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 15

“Uber: an European word meaning double parked and blocking traffic.” “The U.S. Navy is not ‘using our limited housing for convenience.’ They are using it to house personnel and their families who give up a lot of their freedoms and choices in life to ‘Protect and Defend’ this country and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 14

“The City Commission wants to give the City Manager unlimited ‘emergency’ borrowing power. That’s insane. Commissioners, you have oversight responsibility. Be willing to decide when an emergency exists and when borrowing should happen.” “Just learned of Tom Marmion’s passing. Such a loss. For three years I had the good fortune[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 13

“Egads! There is a crime spree going on here. Now someone has stolen my privilege. It’s mine and I want it back.” “There is hardly ever any marine traffic under the Cow Key bridge. Just turn it into a solid causeway. This could be done from underneath the bridge while[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 12

“Leave it a little better than you found it. Pick up that trash. Toss your neighbor’s Citizen over the fence for them. Tip your waiter a little extra. Ride your bike or walk. We’re in this together, locals and visitors alike.” “To the lobsterman with his head in the sand[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 11

“Of course you’re cutting down the trees along U.S. 1, how else are the drivers to paradise going to see the ocean?” “Key West, don’t be money hungry. Close the cruise ship ports.” “I suspect a scam. Florida mailed out absentee ballots to everyone who had ever requested one. Voting[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 10

“Yes, White Tarpon closed as have The Deli, PT’s and Damn Good Food. Key West sold out to the highest bidder years ago and only corporate has pockets deep enough to afford. Then factor in the ‘newbies’ moving to town who prefer corporate over mom and pop. The slow evolution.”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 8

“Ill will? The protestors did not originate the ill will or the lack of acceptance. On the contrary, that started with the ‘faith leader’ when he attacked a large number of citizens of Key West. Clearly the irony is lost on you.” “Shame, shame, shame on the landlord who has[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan.7

“Lobster prices stabilized years ago as the Chinese found more sellers. This price drop didn’t happen overnight.” “The U.S. Navy is doing us dirty by building a hotel (taking revenue from tax-paying businesses) instead of building base housing (dumping personnel into the local housing market). The Navy isn’t limited by[…]