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Citizens’ Voice: May 18

“Tax-free holiday for hurricane supplies. Are tequila, rum and limes considered hurricane supplies?” “School District: It’s a year out from the superintendent leaving. Let’s start a national search so we have an orderly transition with plenty of time.” “Rotting seagrass is normal, it stabilizes sand, enriches the soil for mangroves and builds the island. The[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 17

“Sign suggestion: ‘So far, 10,443 bicyclists did not come to a complete stop this year.’” “Calling a couple ‘folks’ instead of ‘guys’ or ‘girls’ will not solve the problem.What if, in addition to being non-specific sexually, they are also non-specific species-wise?” “By all means call all your best friends ‘sweetheart’ and respond accordingly among yourselves.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 16

“We have volunteers painting street signs and cleaning up trash on the beaches so how about have volunteers policing bicyclists? They could give out citations to anyone violating traffic laws. I could write at least 50 a day just to people riding the wrong way on Lazy Way Lane!” “A houseboat city? We do have[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 15

“Enough already with the KOTS issue. The city needs a place for KOTS and the sheriff wants affordable housing, so why not just swap the two properties? After all, what difference does it make who builds the affordable housing. Plus the sheriff seems to have a better handle on how to finance and build it.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 14

‘‘‘Strategic Planning’ in Key West? I want some of whatever it is that you’re smoking these days.” “TV drug ads, TV lawyer ads, TDC. Life was better without them.” “What’s that old expression? ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’ Pocket park with a food truck that can seat 160 people! How long before Truman Waterfront[…]

Citizens Voice: May 13

“We all notice the shade tree canopy in Key West. We have some amazingly beautiful trees such as the ‘sandbox’ or kapok trees. Do we have replacement trees growing and available to be planted in the eventuality of disease or disaster befalling one of these ancient treasure trees?” “I have a large, mature shade tree[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 11

“I thought people were making an unnecessary fuss about the amphitheater being closed when there isn’t an event. But now I see the problem.There is no need to fence off the entire green space and water view that surrounds the amphitheater! That should be public space, and it’s insulting and ugly to have it barricaded.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 10

“Aaack! Don’t blame ‘Hon’ and ‘Dearie’ on Southerners who pride themselves on politeness above all things. Wouldn’t do that to a stranger, and no Southerner would address one of their elders in such a fashion. Not ever. Close relatives are ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir.’ Other people they know are ‘Miss X’ as opposed to first names.”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 9

“The next City Commission agenda should address the threat of measles and cruise ships. It’s already happened in the Caribbean and we should be prepared. Considering the fact that we have so many foreign workers and even locals with no proof of vaccinations, it’s a looming disaster.” “I can’t wait to buy some College of[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 8

“Where did the tattoo shop connected to the pawn shop go? I recently divorced, was planning on celebrating by selling jewelry I took from her and pawning it for a tattoo. I loved tat shop at a pawn shop concept. Sheer genius.” “I want to make sure the city considers internal candidates when it comes[…]