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Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 16

“A city employee gets a free house intended for veterans, then sells it. Same employee builds an unpermitted addition, accumulates eight years of fines for $300K, ignores them, then has 100 percent forgiven. Break the law without consequence, then receive city support. No appreciation of the law and an expectation of special treatment runs in[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 15

“Thank you for returning our solar lights. Good Key West people.” “Hey now, if the TDC stopped running advertisements for the Overseas Highway ‘bucket list’ drive, it could seriously hurt the incentive for chain junk stores to continue putting more and unwanted locations up and down the Keys. Have a heart!” “The wooden pier was[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 14

“How do you justify a totally free pass to the city assistant? She did something illegal, got caught, and then thumbed her nose at code enforcement for nine years? Are these the type of employees who should be allowed to work for our city? How does our city manager and entire commission condone this act?[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 13

“It would go a long way in the realm of positive public perception if someone from the city explained what the extenuating circumstances were that allowed a city employee to get what is perceived as special privileges by waiving fines that were legitimately placed on that employees home if the city expects any resident to[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 12

“I find this whole election thing odd. Under Florida rules a mail-in ballot can be dropped off up until election day or mailed suggested six days prior but must arrive by election day to be counted. Are the Supervisors of Elections in Palm Beach and Broward incompetent? I find it odd that they are still[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 11

“World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, 100 years ago this Sunday. We celebrate the holiday on Monday as Veterans Day. The Veterans Day Key West Parade is Saturday, upstaged by the power boat races on Sunday. Get your priorities straight.” “We need a[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 9

“Someone needs to go in and take pictures as these super boat idiots are pulling out after their last race is over. Take pictures of the destruction they leave behind, the trash they leave behind, before our city workers get in there to once again replace sod, repair trees, pick up trash. It is absolutely[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 8

“Read the comment this morning about the boats and Waterfront Park. Walked through there today and the writer is completely correct. Almost not able to see the children’s water feature, as it is surrounded by trucks and boats. There will certainly be significant damage to newly planted grass and other landscaping. Since the corrupt politicians,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 7

“Please help me understand why Key Largo and Key West voters are choosing my district county commissioner? Still not sure how part of Marathon was added to the Lower Keys area. Shame that the politicians spent more time outside the district working on votes than within the area they will represent. More importantly, can we[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 6

“The reason we have bad politicians is because so many good people don’t vote.” “One of the great services that retiring Chief Donie Lee did for our community was training and mentoring the best candidate possible. Donnie’s scandal-free 10 year tenure, steadfast efforts for his hometown and ability to lead and create an excellent environment[…]