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Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 7

“The concept of building housing without parking is unrealistic. Teachers and firemen own vehicles. They will simply park in adjacent neighborhoods, further clogging our streets.” “The solar panels at the government building save such a large amount of money that it will take 57 years to break even. Our commissioners[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 6

“So the city has purchased new diesel buses = noise and air pollution. Why not electric? Why not a trolley? I would much rather have the trolley train than the smelly, noisy Loop run through the neighborhood. The Loop really need to cut the hours of operation running mostly empty.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 5

“Many thanks to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for the fine job of escorting the toys for tots motorcycle ride from Key West to Marathon!” “If I had known that scalpers were going to be allowed to purchase the prime tickets to events like the upcoming Willie Nelson concert, I[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 4

“Want to complain about leaking oil? Look at the city buses. They leave oil at every stop. Try the West Marine location.” “Buses that run on the used fryolator oil from our restaurants are better than contaminating our drinking water by running them on electricity from Turkey Point.” “Welcome back,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 3

“Something is wrong with our society when more value is given to a metal, gem or stone versus healthy food, clean air and clean water. It’s time schools teach morality because the messages our children get from TV, movies and their smartphone games will only propagate more unhealthy choices for[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 2

“The U.S. Navy does not operate the F-22. The F-35C’s sound is not designed for emotional impact. If anything, the Navy would prefer operating the quietest aircraft possible. They are not JU87 Stuckas on dive-bombing missions in 1939.” “The boat people are totally in tune with the Key West port[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 29

“Your front-page article on the changes at the MCSD, while informative, neglected to mention Dr. Margaret Smith, who served under Superintendent Lannon.” “Don’t worry, we will most likely always have a Homecoming Queen. That being said, it may not always be a female role, though.” “Someone asked: ‘How can we[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 29

“A local Stock Island eatery advertises that its brunch menu features Bloody Mary’s and three buffet’s. The plural, as we all know is: Bloody Marys and three buffets. Some purists may argue Blood Maries but an ‘s’ is enough. “If the reader thinks Stock Island looks like Lower Slobovia, he[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 28

“I am grateful for Linda’s column keeping me up to date on Key West happenings, especially when a pun is included.” “I’m grateful for my children. Many years of triumphs and tears and I still look forward to being with them every opportunity that I get. I’m thankful to share[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 27

“I found myself disappointed with this year’s Film Festival. Far too many of the films and documentaries had left-leaning agendas, whether overt or subtle.” “I’m confused. We shouldn’t have electric buses because Turkey Point is bad. Are we to stop using all electricity until Turkey Point is closed down? We[…]