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Citizens’ Voice: July 20

“Let’s just ban everything! Instead, let’s enforce the laws. That may scare people, much like enforcing the immigration law. It is illegal to throw garbage from your car or your boat. Maybe lids on garbage cans could be a law. Each week, season or not, I find a few plastic bags in the ocean. Let’s[…]

Citizens Voice: July 19

“The only location [for KOTS] that the bumblers called City Commissioners could possibly agree on would be Wisteria Island. Out of sight, out of mind. Terrified to accept the responsibility of their job.” “How do you get the city to fix a road and sidewalk? I’ve called 10 times since Irma and the street is[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 18

“What part of no new taxes don’t our county officials understand? Not for the hospital, not for affordable housing or to buy properties. We are overtaxed now. More taxes make our housing unaffordable!” “Getting rid of plastic bags and bottles is a great idea, and the city should consider installing water fountains around town as well.”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 16

“How does anybody know that another person is in this country illegally? Can you just look at them and tell? Because it’s difficult for the authorities to find out so the average person has no way of knowing, other than their inherent prejudice. I guess when you see someone that looks like they’re from Mexico[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 14

“The family that survived the incident of tires falling off a truck is very lucky to be alive. As Sheriff Ramsey stated, had the mother not reacted quickly they would have all been dead. I have 25 years experience in the truck tire industry. The only way this happens is through poor maintenance. The entire[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 13

“If people parking in front of your house on city property easement is going to cause you to leave Key West, then pick some place way out in the country.” “Bernstein Park is a joke. It’s finished, but nobody is allowed to use it? I’m guessing here was a major screwup in the design or[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 12

“Jeers to Monroe County for not pushing to open Bernstein Park already. It was basically finished and scheduled to open before Irma and yet we are still waiting; two years next month that the children of Stock Island have had no place to play!”  “I’m out on the water all the time. Front side and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 11

“Do any hard-working illegal immigrants want to repair my storm-damaged roof? Apparently no Americans want the job. They can’t be bothered to even show up to give me a quote. They must be too busy blaming others for their lot in life rather than working hard to get ahead.” “At least don’t ban plastic grocery[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 10

“Let me get this straight: somebody has to die to validate the construction of a pedestrian bridge?” “No truth to the claim illegally immigrants flood the market? On what planet do you live? I looked for a job and was turned down because I did not speak Spanish and was told I wouldn’t ‘fit in’[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 9

“What in the world is wrong with the south bound lane of the Seven Mile Bridge? It is as bumpy as a dirt road. Where is FDOT?” “The new pearock the city is putting down in new town is another waste of tax payers’ money. What does it actually do? Help with drainage? For that you need drains.” […]