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Citizens Voice: April 21

“People parading their adorable doggies through the grocery stores, just another sign that the apocalypse is close at hand.” “Mr. Hackley indicated about a year ago that he was none too happy with Key West and that he was moving out west, never to return.” “Canopy shade trees are vital to our environment & quality[…]

Citizens Voice: April 20

“Be informed before writing…The proposed Bight archway has not been submitted for HARC review. HARC is approving wood impact windows as long as they replace non historic windows.” “Thank you Keys Energy for the ‘Shade Tree Giveaway.’ The (correct) date of the event is April 28. Shade trees for all!” “You brought your ball of[…]

Citizens Voice: April 19

“Please, Key West, remember your manners. We are being visited by the President of the United States. Love him or hate him but please give respect to the office of the President. Show the world Key West manners.” “Three years ago, Florida passed a law declaring the use of non-service animals in restaurants, grocery stores,[…]

Citizens Voice: April 18

“When the Florida Lottery was started I thought much of the money raised was supposed to go to schools. I’d like to know where that money goes and why it can’t fund security for schools.” “What’s with the city killing off all the ‘invasive exotic’ trees, like the Royal Poincianas and Jacarandas, in order to[…]

Citizens Voice: April 17

“Geesh! I see another city position created now to consult and run the new waterfront park. Does everyone in this city work for the city?” “Most credit card issuers do not allow vendors to tack on a charge for using a card instead of paying cash. Check it out.” “Why doesn’t the city lead by[…]

Citizens Voice: April 16

“The latest scam is you get a call from a caller that appears to be your own cell phone, or a phone on your plan, and they tell you there is a problem with your account and start asking you for personal information and financial information. Hang up.” “For the last two or three weeks,[…]

Citizens Voice: April 14-15

“Truman Annex amphitheater is about to become a loud, large outside bar with constant traffic and shows. What happened to the promise of only six events a year ? Look at the venues that the management applicants operate now; our future is just an extension of Duval Street.”  “Finally! Our Urban Forestry Manger is acknowledging[…]

Citizens Voice: April 13

“I’m all for planting trees, walking/cycling and other eco-friendly practices. There’s nothing eco-friendly about introducing a foreign species. Lionfish aren’t helping the reef. Iguanas aren’t helping the island.” “I agree, it’s not easy to delete a Facebook account. Check out Youtube for answers. But even when you deactivate your account, you have to wait two[…]

Citizens Voice: April 12

“So 146 canopy trees were approved for removal last year by the Tree Commission and 26 were replaced. How many more were taken out by Hurricane Irma? There was a city worker who came around a few days the hurricane who said he was documenting the loss of trees. What did he find? The canopy[…]

Citizens Voice: April 11

“Please remove the wrecked trailers up on U.S. 1 by Mangrove Mama’s. The legal wrangling as to who pays does not seem a sensible excuse for this eyesore to the thousands of tourists and locals who travel this otherwise beautiful highway every week!” “So sad that William Hackley will soon be leaving! Is a farewell[…]