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Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 21

“Wave-runner rooster tails corroding the Cow Key Channel Bridge? This is absurd. So all bridges over saltwater everywhere where there are wave runners have this problem? Can we get a second opinion? Our FDOT is our most incompetent state agency.” “To the proposal about moving KOTS to the city land next to the Steamplant condos,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 20

“Two tables with 16 bikers each; polite, generous tipper and professionals. I haven’t seen any criminal gangs. Just people having a good time.” “New Orleans’ French Quarter has beatings, muggings and gunfire nightly, too. Bouncers wear body armor. Let’s get us some of that, too, while we copy other places. Only thing NOLA does better[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 19

“Congrats to the city staff who who were proactive in keeping the peace during Poker Run. I had heard rumors that low-life riders were going to block lower Duval with their bikes. It is time that the City Commissioners listen to their residents and let this debacle die.” “How did it come to pass that[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept.18

“Thank you to the city for trying to control the motorcycle gangs who have taken over Poker Run by limiting parking and not allowing an unsanctioned event to take over town. The event organizers can find a sponsor, apply for permits and have proper insurance just like every other event that comes to town. Key[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 17

“So now our city fathers are raising parking fees again! We need officials who can live within the budget, who don’t want to keep raising taxes, fees, etc! We have to live within our budgets as individuals, why can’t they?” “At four bucks an hour to park, I’ll just stay home here in the Lower[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 15

“I want to thank the [Key West] City Commission for not raising taxes this year. You are the only taxing entity who seems to realize that locals are struggling. I am disappointed that my commissioner said he would support an increase, but we can fix that with our votes. A reminder to the city manager[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 14

“A few years before I sold my B&B, I lowered all the rates. This led to 100 percent occupancy in season and even 80-85 percent in September! My guests stayed four to seven days. Income shot up and my staff was paid more than at other places. The guests enjoyed the Key West attractions and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 13

“No, the city shouldn’t get rid of its buses and replace them with taxis. They should consolidate and simplify all routes so they are more frequent and understandable like the Duval Loop.” “Why do people have trouble understanding why businesses are struggling even though occupancy is high? It’s obvious. The extremely high room rates, driven[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 12

“After 50 years absence from Key West, I returned for a visit and was astonished. This 71-year-old man is confused. What is with all the chickens and roosters strolling the streets of Key West? Back in the 1960s, I never saw those critters strolling the streets. What’s with all those farm critters?” “The Truman Waterfront[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Sept. 11

“After almost 20 years on Duval Street I will be closing my business and having to let go my 14 employees. The main reason is that my landlord is increasing my rent almost 35 percent. My landlord is a well-known local name who owns many buildings on Duval. He has owned this building for close[…]