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Citizens Voice: July 17

“Too bad the city didn’t post a job notice for the city manager’s position. I would do the job for $100,000 and no car allowance. The taxpayers would save $83,000 plus each year and, since I have Humana, I don’t need benefits. But a nice retirement plan at full salary[…]

Citizens Voice: July 16

“I am a long time local who works at a resort. The Duval Loop is working as intended at keeping tourists’ cars off the streets and discouraging guests from holding on to rental cars during their stays. However, I understand the complaints of residents. “The bus route should be changed[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 15

“City manager getting a three-year $180,000 contract with full benefits?! That seems way outside the average range for a city manager who does not come with the same qualifications or contacts with the U.S. Navy as our current manager. We will be watching which of his friends on the commission[…]

Citizens Voice: July 13

“For all you e-bike hatters: It can be a car, scooter, bicycle or any other means of transportation. You can’t fix stupid. If the person on the vehicle doesn’t want to follow traffic laws, they won’t.” “I’d happily pay any employee $15-$25 an hour instead of minimum wage if (s)he:[…]

Citizens Voice: July 12

“Now we have the beautiful Mallory cruise ship dock reopened and should be used instead of two ships a day at the Outer Mole with all the trolleys, etc. running down Southard. Try to keep these cruise ships less of a burden to residents. Keep them mostly at Mallory and[…]

Citizens Voice: July 11

“Can the city and county commissioners focus on something else other than so-called ‘affordable housing’? It’s as if this is the only thing they do. And their worry is if developers can make enough money. Think traffic, hurricane evacuation, safe bicycle pats, etc. “ “The good/poor service problem in Key[…]

Citizens Voice: July 10

“Has there been or will there be any accountability for the county employees responsible for the waste of time and money involved with the creation of the clearly flawed Evergreen Salary Study?” “It’s no surprise that the ‘Free Lunch’ party has so many supporters. Nearly 50% of Americans pay no[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 9

“Cow Key Channel can not survive becoming a destination water park. On a daily basis there are hundreds of PWCs, hundreds of kayaks and many paddle boards. The tiki boat and others are putting people in the water with no dive flag. These businesses are killing our natural resources and[…]

Citizens’ Voice

Editor’s note: Amazingly, we received only one Citizens’ Voice over the start of the holiday weekend. The community’s favorite forum for rants and raves will return when the leaf blowers start up again …

Citizens’ Voice: July 5

“I’ve been by the Truman Waterfront Park on my bike quite a few times. Very nice. Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Splash Park with my friend and her 10-year-old niece. Wow! A whole different perspective. All the kids enjoying themselves. Great job, Key West!” “If[…]