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Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 8

“To the recent complainant ‘Born and raised in Key West during a simpler time.’ When exactly was that idyllic time? Was it A) when schools were segregated; B) when illegal drugs were regularly sold by drug pushers; or C) when we had reported corruption by school and other public officials,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 7

“You do understand that the reason so many non-Conchs live in Key West is because your Conch ancestor(s) sold out and moved away, right? They took the money and ran and now you want to long for the day Conchs ‘take Key West back?’ If your relatives stood on principle[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 6

“Every day is Fantasy Fest now! Mask up, Key West!” “Do you really thing that all of the paranoid ‘wear a mask’ people making threats and pushing for fines and jail time for not wearing a mask are helping this situation? Or do you think that people on the fence[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 5

“Born and raised in Key West during a more simpler time. Why are non-Conchs running this town and making life so difficult? You guys have ruined my hometown and now I’m ashamed to call it my hometown. I hope that one day the Conchs will take back this once beautiful[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 4

“Key West leaders: Pictures in the newspaper only confirm that A) tourists are not following the mask rules, and B) they evidently are not being cited for it. Does the city need more Code Enforcement employees? Please make the rules apply for all!” “Is it possible sometime to map out[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Aug. 1

“There’s a cost to our decisions. I’m voting in favor of all three cruise ship questions and understand I’ll pay more in taxes. City staff aren’t blaming these questions for increased taxes, it’s just a financial reality that must be budgeted. To me, it’s worth it.” “A big thank you[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 31

“I would like to give a shout-out to the city worker at the corner of Simonton and Caroline this week. I watched as an older couple with a white cane came upon the intersection where they were working. This worker stopped and not only asked if they would like assistance[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 30

“An earlier contributor nailed it. Both winter residents and full-time retirees are getting fed up with the current ‘lifestyle of paradise.’ Owners occupy 38% of the homes. Vacation renters now occupy the majority, with little regard for the environment or residential quality of life.” “Back in 1978 when I was[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 29

“Cases clearing 1,000. Highway unblocked. Greed wins again. Keep it up and we’ll all be infected and no one will be able to support your business.” “Key West Bight tenants want three months’ rent forgiven? While Key West plans to increase my property taxes? No! You may not be making[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 28

“The hospital’s administrative meeting was supposed to discuss issues with staffing, yet all we hear about is beds available. Anybody think to ask if there is any staff to take care of all the available beds?” “Just returned from a run by Higgs and Smathers, with, of course, my very[…]