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Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 18

“It was good to read about the auto shop class at Key West High. Keep it going.” “I have been a volunteer at the new SOS Foundation Community Kitchen almost since it opened so I was pleased to read Mr. Tamborrino’s column regarding Mr. Callahan and his efforts to create a state-of-the-art kitchen to serve[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 17

“What doesn’t the city understand about the concept ‘if you build it, they will come?’ The bike racks on the left side of Fleming between Duval and Fausto’s have been replaced with (drum roll) parking places complete with the placement of a parking payment box conveniently located on the corner of Havana street. How motivated[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 15

“I would hope that the new ‘bicycle plan’ includes a section on education for those who use two-wheeled forms of transportation: ‘Stop at stop signs, don’t text and pedal, look both ways, etc.’ Otherwise nothing has changed.” “You’re correct that it’s not a ‘right’ to live in Key West, but just because you got yours[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 14

“It should be required that the mayor and the City Commission ride bikes the length of the island on Duval, Whitehead and Simonton streets once a week. Maybe the pot holes and terrible utility cuts will shake enough sense into them to revamp the paving policies for the city.” “I am a disabled vet and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 13

“The offensive Loop bus is not free to citizens of Key West who pay dearly for it in taxes. We need a referendum to decide on whether to continue it.” “Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Loop troll had a vested economic interest in there not being a loop? Sure sounds that way.” “To the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 12

“Great holiday parade on Saturday. Lots and lots of great entries. However, the mess and trash it created was huge. Candy, wrappers, trash all up and down Truman and Duval late into Sunday. The city should have the done a better job cleaning up.” “No reason to hire a more-experienced attorney from a more highly-rated[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 11

“Vehicles with electric or gasoline motors are not allowed on sidewalks or bicycle paths while their motors are propelling them. They can be pushed or pedaled. Its up to the police department to enforce this Florida law. These illegal vehicles are increasing the average speeds on bike paths and sidewalks; there lies the danger.” “Half[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 10

“It is amazing me how this city can hurry up and fix a mooring at the pier, but can’t repave any of these streets in Key West. Oh, I forgot: we take care of the tourist problems first! The streets are getting so bad, it’s ridiculous! Let’s put some money on this town that will[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 8

“Yes, our local tax dollars will be spent over the MCSO snafu with ICE, but the ACLU is suing the wrong organization. They want to sue, then they should go after ICE. Do you know how many illegals do live in the shadows here? I can guarantee you, more than you would think. Hospitality industry[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 7

“This is copied from the Florida Statute: ‘No pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield.’ Please remember there are four lanes, many times with large vehicles who do[…]