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Citizens’ Voice: May 8

“Where did the tattoo shop connected to the pawn shop go? I recently divorced, was planning on celebrating by selling jewelry I took from her and pawning it for a tattoo. I loved tat shop at a pawn shop concept. Sheer genius.” “I want to make sure the city considers internal candidates when it comes[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 6

“To the Citizens’ Voice person who wants the Ingham moved: Did you realize that she was the most decorated ship in the Coast Guard? She was around long before you. Please have some respect for American history. I’m proud every time I see her!” “Maybe the reader who would like to redesign the Truman Waterfront[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 6

“Is the mayor talking to the businesses on the side streets just off Duval? I’m friends with a restaurant owner on Southard Street just off Duval who said his business is off 15-20 percent on weekends since the Mall on Duval began. Stop talking about how business is up because of this. It isn’t up[…]

Citizens Voice: April 4

“It’s happened! The first major ‘scar’ has appeared on Whitehead Street. After the fabulous repaving job was completed just two short months ago, the water company has dug up Whitehead Street and created a utility cut and an asphalt repair. Key West is full of these ‘repaired’ utility cuts leaving us with a road system[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 3

“Is it really so hard to understand that ‘hon,’ ‘dear,’ etc. are profoundly offensive? Particularly to ‘women of a certain age?’ Servers and staff would never call my husband anything but ‘sir.’ Why do I not get equal respect? That’s all it is — respect. I don’t want anyone to genuflect or kiss my ring.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: May 2

“The reason there has been no succession planning for the city manager’s job is they just want to hire from within and keep the status quo. No need to change anything when so many people in Key West are so happy with the way things are going. We shouldn’t be trying anything new. Nothing to[…]

Citizens Voice: May 1

“The city manager position is the most important job in Key West. We need to look at multiple candidates and hire the best one.” “Shame on governmental entities who have contract employees in high positions that do not do succession planning in advance so we tax payers get caught holding the bag. I wonder what[…]

Citizens’ Voice: April 30

“Instead of the guy hired by the city to blow leaves around, why don’t we have a guy with a pickup full of asphalt and a flat shovel driving around to fix potholes?” ”The point is simple. You don’t stop at a stop sign, I take my turn after stopping, you blow stop sign and[…]

Citizens Voice: April 29

“Save the humans! The Earth will be fine …” “Can we please put to rest the bickering over bikes vs. cars, military plane noise, dog poop, servers calling one ‘honey,’ tourists doing touristy things, slow Conch Trains, etc. Those things make our island unique. To quote a well-worn phrase, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’[…]

Citizens Voice: April 27

“To the person who submitted a comment that the Duval Loop driver should basically shut up and drive, I’ve been on that bus with a couple of really funny drivers and it made the experience so much better. What a bore you must be. Maybe riding the free bus isn’t for you. I’m sure the[…]