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Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 8

“Thank you to all the residents in the Staples area for a great Halloween event. All of you are great to everyone in the community who come out to your neighborhood.” “Just recently getting caught up on local news and was shocked to read that Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 7

“How about an ‘Iguana Tournament/Challenge’ like we have for the lionfish? A great way to jump-start the needed removal of them.” “Reference: ‘Reach out to an oldie.’ An old shipmate who lives on the big island of Hawaii told me now they use soda cans. He saw his grandson going[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 6

“I drive a taxi five nights a week and nearly every night I encounter at least one person, usually on a bike with no lights, crossing at a crosswalk on the boulevard without bothering to use the new HAWK signals. Please take a few seconds to push the button and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 5

“Why do people shoot iguanas? Sure, they may eat some plants, but how big a problem or cost can that be? They are entertaining, rare creatures not seen in other parts of Florida, defenseless and exciting for visitors to see, soon to become extinct if this unfair and defenseless behavior[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 4

“You realize the Zombie Bike Ride is one day a year, right? And it’s always the same Sunday before Goombay, so no surprises? Maybe make a plan to be gone that afternoon, tell your guests to arrive on ANY of the 364 other days of the year, or just give[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 2

“OMG! Two hours to be inconvenienced by the Zombie Bike Ride? One of the best family-fun events we have? I live by HOB and Bayview Park. I get inconvenienced every afternoon between 3 and 4 when school lets out! Seafood Fest, Children’s Day, etc! LOL! Get over it! Plan accordingly![…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 1

“Why are state-supplied vehicles needed? Why high-paid city and state agency managers need state-supplied cars is a mystery to me. The state motor pool is a concept these agency leaders need to understand or use their own car like the rest of us.” “If Key West is having a problem[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 31

‘I would like to give a big thank you to all the workers who painstakingly cleaned up after the Saturday night parade. I drove down Duval at 7 a.m. Sunday morning and couldn’t believe how clean the street was. There were dozens of men and women walking the street with[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 30

“Now even the Zombie and locals parades are being made raunchy by people who don’t consider families and children. Save it for downtown, where we don’t take our kids.” “Hey, if you don’t like Fantasy Fest be like most locals; just don’t go.” “The very best sticky decal remover is[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 29

“Perhaps the county can learn from its reimbursement problems with FEMA. Applicants for county permits get treated as badly by the county as the county is being treated by FEMA. Maybe it’s karma?” “I live in one of the condo complexes where occupants are trapped for hours annually for the[…]