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Citizens Voice: July 11

“Can the city and county commissioners focus on something else other than so-called ‘affordable housing’? It’s as if this is the only thing they do. And their worry is if developers can make enough money. Think traffic, hurricane evacuation, safe bicycle pats, etc. “ “The good/poor service problem in Key[…]

Citizens Voice: July 10

“Has there been or will there be any accountability for the county employees responsible for the waste of time and money involved with the creation of the clearly flawed Evergreen Salary Study?” “It’s no surprise that the ‘Free Lunch’ party has so many supporters. Nearly 50% of Americans pay no[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 9

“Cow Key Channel can not survive becoming a destination water park. On a daily basis there are hundreds of PWCs, hundreds of kayaks and many paddle boards. The tiki boat and others are putting people in the water with no dive flag. These businesses are killing our natural resources and[…]

Citizens’ Voice

Editor’s note: Amazingly, we received only one Citizens’ Voice over the start of the holiday weekend. The community’s favorite forum for rants and raves will return when the leaf blowers start up again …

Citizens’ Voice: July 5

“I’ve been by the Truman Waterfront Park on my bike quite a few times. Very nice. Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Splash Park with my friend and her 10-year-old niece. Wow! A whole different perspective. All the kids enjoying themselves. Great job, Key West!” “If[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 4

“Cow Key at Seaside is overrun by transient overnight houseboat Airbnb rentals who want special treatment from the mayor’s office, free pumpouts or else overnighters are seen using the ocean; just smell the waste. They have even built a dock behind the small island. Since FWC removed overnight moorings on[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 3

“I have your answer to the Fox News channel … as always, follow the money! Both Fox News and Comcast are owned by companies not supportive of Fox. I went in to Comcast and asked and they had no idea; we were all laughing at my supposed conspiracy theory. Or[…]

Citizens’ Voice: July 2

“Normally this time of the year the second floor of the Old Town parking garage is full of covered vehicles that snowbirds store there for the summer. But this year I notice not a single covered vehicle. It appears that since the city overeached by doubling the monthly parking rate,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: 1 July

“I have tried to contact Comcast with no success to find out why the Fox News Channel is continuously being buffered. I have channeled surfed and do not see this interference on any other channel. Wonder how many others experience this problem?” “Any elementary school kid could tell you after[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 29

“The weekly transient licenses in Truman Annex expire in 2025. This may seem a long way out, but the vacation rental and tourism industries are already lobbying to get these extended. This is a great opportunity to bring several hundred apartments and townhomes back into the long-term rental market, which[…]