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Citizens’ Voice: March 26

“This period of quarantine is a great opportunity for reflection in solitude. We can think about what is truly important, life, relationships, and spirituality, whether or not you are a believer. We can realize we do not need the constant diversions that bombard us. We shall overcome and come out[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 25

“The affordable housing crisis should be solved in a month or two when all our our hospitality and tourism workers are forced to move. City restrictions will surely accelerate the local job losses while doing little to stop the community spread of COVID-19, especially if restaurants are open one island[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 24

“No the city and county are not in sync with the state. The Keys are a different beast to some degree. Shut down for two weeks or potentially have to shut down even longer because we didn’t squash this at this time. Governor said state guidelines were suggested and cities[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 23

“Thank you to the nice man who spotted me a dollar at the Circle K when I came up short. You gotta love this town — and the people in it.” “So the city closes Smathers Beach and the Spring Breakers and sun lovers simply move to the county’s Higgs[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 21

“‘Stop cruise ships,’ ‘too many tourists, ‘service workers have no right to live here if they can’t afford it.’ Well, it looks like you got your three wishes. Let them eat cake.” “We stand with the city’s proclamation to shut down bars and restaurants. We look to business owners to[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 20

“Tough decisions had to be made early to #flattenthecurve of COVID-19. The choice was between economic pain now or economic pain later plus a higher level of suffering in our community and those who visit it. No good choices, but the best one was made.” “The Duval Street skin cream[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 19

“Why hasn’t the homeless soup kitchen been shut down at the seniors citizens’ plaza with the coronavirus? The seniors don’t need them here. they can spread the virus.” “If May Johnson lived in our era, her diary would look like this: Got up, stared at my phone. Went to work.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 18

“I am grateful to our military, and whenever I see someone in uniform I go out of my way to thank them for their service. That doesn’t mean it’s OK that they fly needlessly overhead.” “Serious measures? You mean someone from the city gets paid to tell you to wash[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 17

“I don’t buy ‘the sound of freedom’ every time I hear those U.S. Navy planes fly overhead. I think of all those peaceful protesters arrested, sprayed with water or pepper spray, who had a constitutional right to protest for whatever they believed in, yet put in jail because our capitalist[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 16

“Quit complaining about the U.S. Navy jet noise. That is called the sound of freedom people! Embrace it or move! Thank you for your service, ladies and gentlemen!” “Yes, let’s ban cruise ships while the coronavirus scare is going on. Helps two fold; hospitality workers can’t make enough money to[…]