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Citizens’ Voice: June 20

“Rotary, do the right thing and donate the money used for fireworks back to the people of Key West who have been affected by COVID-19. The health and safety of our community should come first.” “County Commissioners, the small disputed waterfront area on Stock Island could be made into a[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 19

“The virus is still here. It did not vanish during the summer as some said it would. Cases are increasing, not decreasing. This is not the year to have large crowds congregate for large festivals. We will have plenty of business as it is.” “City of Key West, for once[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 18

“Poor residents near the Fills on Islamorada should bag up all the trash daytrippers leave and go dump it in any neighborhood in the Miami Metro area and see how they like it. What trash!” “Oh, boo-hoo, an iguana jumped out of a tree in front of me. Please, did[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June17

“I’m guessing the same idiots who refuse to wear masks in public because the chances of dying from COVID-19 are ‘only’ 0.5%, buy lottery tickets where the chance of winning is one in a million. Poor math skills.” “To the Voicer who said “…property owners definitely had the most ‘skin[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 16

“Help! The city needs to address the very large iguanas at the post office! One jumped down from a tree only two feet in front of me. Soon the area will be as bad as the cemetery.” “It is not a democracy. The United States is a constitutional republic. The[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 13

“Thank you to all the tourists who are wearing masks as a sign of respect and communion with us locals who want to keep paradise safe for all.” “Amazing number of fully-furnished apartments ready to rent now that the illegal vacation rental market isn’t lucrative. Code enforcement needs to watch[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 12

“A monorail that stops at ‘all Keys towns and attractions’ would take 10 hours to get from Miami to Key West and no one would ride it.” “I’m turning to the most reliable source in town for information on curly-tailed lizards. Are they fearless or just lazy? They never move[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 11

“Switching from ‘required’ to ‘recommended’ effectively makes masks ‘optional.’ Common sense and respect for others are strong suits among most residents – not always with visitors. Visitors bring money and germs but not always respect.” “The Voice comment stating children are not susceptible to COVID-19 and are asymptomatic is dangerously[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 10

“Seeing all the pics of the 2020 Key West High graduates on the fence at the ball field is great. Wishing them all the best for their future. Move forward, but be safe. Keys Strong.” “Stop talking about ‘safe!’ It’s nonsense to think we can be safe from COVID-19, car[…]

Citizens’ Voice: June 9

“Bicycles are allowed on sidewalks absent a local ordinance to the contrary. 316.206 Bicycle Regulations. It’s a shame. Key West should make a local ordinance and put them into the streets except for kids.” “Please ditch Fantasy Fest — we’ve seen what Mardi Gras did for New Orleans and they’re[…]