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Citizens’ Voice: March 9

“Closing Duval Street to cars will actually serve, in the end, to relieve congestion because it encourages folks to park their cars and use their legs. If it’s paired with more frequent public transport that serves the entire island, we can look forward to a car less-and-less Key West.” “I live in the Grinnell/Catherine street[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 8

“Are hordes of tourists from the cruise ships and Mallory sunset crossing the Admiral’s Cut bridge and trashing our park really what we want? I fail to see how that improves our quality of life. We get nothing from it, there’s no entrance fee, there’s no concessions. I don’t remember any discussion about this being[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 7

“Kudos to Mayor Johnston for ordering staff to find a way to open up Admiral’s Cut to join our beautiful park with the rest of the waterfront and sunset celebration. It’s about time someone stepped up and made something happen.” “One of the problems with the Duval experiment, particularly with the dining, is that you[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 6

“I really enjoyed your profile of Mr. Carey. It reminded me of how deep the roots in Bahama Village go and that the side streets off upper Duval are still largely residential in spite of the best efforts of vacation rental companies. I hope our mayor and commissioners remember that as well before they turn[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 5

“Leaf blowers are for wimps. Get a rake and show off your guns.” “There’s a difference between wanting the best for your family and greed at the expense of others. Please don’t feel that I am begrudging your family, but our island is a delicate balance and right now, we are out of balance. This[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 4

“Can someone tell us how many metered spots are on Duval between Truman and South Street? It’s about seven blocks and I’m guessing about 150 spots. Before this Duval Mall comes down here, can the city please explain how much revenue these produce, and how it will be replaced? Also, where do all these cars[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 2

“I find it unconscionable that those poor tenants in the Steam Plant that pay 16K a month in rent should have to hear dogs barking before 8 a.m. All dogs within a 10 block radius should be euthanized to preserve the peace and quiet that these tenants so obviously deserve.” “Great guest column about Goal[…]

Citizens’ Voice: March 1

“Why in the world does a high school student have a prescription for Oxy?! It is incomprehensible to me that a responsible medical care provider would use oxycodone to manage pain in a child when all manner of other options are available. Oxycodone and its opioid relatives should be a pain reliever of last resort[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 28

“It’s wonderful that the Department of Economic Affairs spent two days in the Keys, however, there was no community input; he only met with developers — anyone see a problem with this picture?” “The Citizen is right in that people will complain about the streets but no one is complaining about the streets being repaired;[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 27

“We had the best time on Duval Saturday evening. Great dinner outside on the street. Sure, once the bar opened across the street, the noise level did rise. The most disturbing thing was the family that demanded to reserve an outside table. The hostess politely but repeatedly said they didn’t take reservations outside. She finally[…]