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Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 6

“I have read every word of the Key West Citizen every day since 2008. Imagine my surprise when the one day I didn’t get to read it, May Johnson takes a bath.” “There are confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Boston and New York. We need to ban all visitors from[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 5

“Here is a simple and cheap solution to the Founders Park overpass dilemma: Do not allow parking across the highway from the park.” “After seeing a picture of Earle Johnson, the hottie who May Johnson danced with, I don’t think she was in any hurry to hitch on to Miguel.[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 4

“We need a tunnel under Cow Key Bridge.” “Simplifying the CO2 equation may make you feel better, but we are producing carbon dioxide faster than the plants can use it, especially when we are actively destroying said plants. As if that weren’t enough we are also destroying the oceans, which[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 3

“Senior citizen center would do better if they marketed better. Happy hour 3 to 7 p.m. Silver singles night. Karaoke. Place would be packed.” “Now that the World Health Organization has declared an international health emergency over the Coronavirus, does Key West have a plan? At least 10-15% off our[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Feb. 1

“If you want your neighbor to put their trash cans away, ask them nicely or do it for them. Taking a photo and sending it to code enforcement shows your weak character. It also makes you a rat! No one likes a rat.” “To the poorly informed resident asking to[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 31

“Shhhhhh! Don’t mention us summerbirds. We aren’t wearing bikinis in 75 degree weather and have blended in for years. You’re blowing our cover; we walk amongst you.” “Our elected officials need to stop catering to the developers in the Keys. They don’t charge for building permits for projects called ‘affordable[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 30

“Now with all the affordable apartments being built, watch the rates drop on all the insanely expensive apartments. They will lower their rates or lose tenants. Supply and demand. Yes, I know I’m moving as soon as possible.” “I’m confused. We lost tons of housing after Irma that hasn’t been[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 29

“The 100s of ‘affordable’ housing units being built to meet Key West businesses demand is dangerous to all will need to evacuate countless times. If we don’t have enough housing for these businesses — we have too many business and too many employees!” “I pulled into a parking space and[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 28

“Quit being so silly and twitty, all of you! There’s way too much entitlement and defense just to name a few characteristics. Yes, there are stand outs in every crowd, we need to work through these issues and get on with it. Peace out.” “Florida State Law permits bicycle riding[…]

Citizens’ Voice:

“Unbridled capitalism ends the same way the game monopoly ends: One guy owns everything. Setting the rules of the game to allow people affordable college, child care and health care is not socialism. Stop with the nonsense already!” “The Citizen reports that the county is discussing solid waste costs. How[…]