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Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 8

“What a beautiful and heartwarming story about our tax collector Danise Henriquez. She must be not just an amazing person, but I know she is a great boss. The people that work at the tax collectors office are very nice and professional. I wish her all the best with her upcoming surgery.” “How ridiculous is[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 7

“I am so disappointed in Sam Kaufman’s decision to vote against new regulations for the so-called ‘salons’ that have, over these past years, become a blight on Key West’s reputation. Why is there this sudden, heretofore unmentioned concern regarding religion? Yes, the owners of these salons are Israelis, but if they aren’t abiding by our[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 5

“Those complaining don’t understand the TDC. The tourist experience determines the level of return customers. Yes, the TDC budget is as large as the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, but they must continually attract new visitors, mostly from overseas where people only know what the advertising shows them.” “How egregious does the behavior of cosmetic shop[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 4

“It’s 1:50 pm. on a Wednesday. Please tell me why the Loop is traveling down Elizabeth Street. Come on, man!” “What elected officials oversee the TDC? I was shocked to learn that a business owner who hosts a ‘drop’ on New Years Eve was awarded TDC event funding. Do you really think this brings visitors[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 3

“Hopefully the new mayor will get a handle on the overcrowding, safety and pure mayhem on this island. The traffic is out of control and a free-for-all to drive as you please. The cops are lazy and let a lot slide. But, hey, isn’t that why everyone wants to come to Key West? Good old[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 2

“Last week I went to the following places using the Duval Loop and my two feet: Bank (two branches); CVS; both Fausto’s stores; the beach, several restaurants, the theater and the pet store. By the way, I did not say I sold my vehicle. I gave it to my son on the mainland. He needs[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Jan. 1

“Lots of people are speaking of bicycle safety. I was at the Illuminated 5K that went over the Cow Key Bridge the evening of Dec. 30. There is a lot of bike traffic over that bridge. I would estimate a good 70 percent of those bikes had no lights at all. Just sayin’.” “Why would[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 31

“Thank you, thank you to the landlord who refuses to rent to the rip off cosmetic shops! A few more like him and this blight on our town would be gone. How about the rest of the landlords join in to help our town? And I agree, in the meantime, how about the city limiting[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 29

“As a cyclist, I know that those who do not obey rules like not having lights at night are a danger. However, the greatest threat to my safety is needless, aggressive driving on a small island and complete disregard for posted speed limits. We see drivers constantly driving over the speed limit while yakking or[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Dec. 28

“My girl wanted icicles for the tree. When we couldn’t find any; she cut Fantasy Fest beads into shorter lengths and they looked great.” “ ‘Cosmetic Shops’ are a blight and the picket lines are great, but it’s time for bigger things. Get the state’s Attorney General involved to investigate consumer fraud and price gouging.[…]