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Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 8

“Read the comment this morning about the boats and Waterfront Park. Walked through there today and the writer is completely correct. Almost not able to see the children’s water feature, as it is surrounded by trucks and boats. There will certainly be significant damage to newly planted grass and other landscaping. Since the corrupt politicians,[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 7

“Please help me understand why Key Largo and Key West voters are choosing my district county commissioner? Still not sure how part of Marathon was added to the Lower Keys area. Shame that the politicians spent more time outside the district working on votes than within the area they will represent. More importantly, can we[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 6

“The reason we have bad politicians is because so many good people don’t vote.” “One of the great services that retiring Chief Donie Lee did for our community was training and mentoring the best candidate possible. Donnie’s scandal-free 10 year tenure, steadfast efforts for his hometown and ability to lead and create an excellent environment[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 5

“To those with concerns about the mangroves at Islander Estates: All trimming has been done by a certified arborist and in accordance with SFWMD permits. We are very concerned with the health of the mangrove fringe, and want it to be healthy as it protects our property against erosion. Also, all docks built in the[…]

Citizens Voice: Nov. 3

“The Sanctuary (Board) acts like hurricanes are not naturally occurring events in the Keys and cannot recover from them. Nature has done well without their opinions or help since prehistory and will continue to do so after they are gone.” “Doesn’t anyone care that the new chief was just appointed? How about a job search?”[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 2

“Sad that you need to bring a rolling cooler of beer to take your kids trick or treating.” “The next time you hold a Halloween event in Eden Pines, please organize a cleanup for the same evening. Last night’s litter of candy, shaving cream, gum, wrappers and other garbage was a disgrace to leave behind[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Nov. 1

“On Children’s Day Sunday, a plethora of children performed in front of the outdoor gazebo. The problem is that the grass in that area is missing and the children were rolling around in their uniforms performing acrobatics. They rolled in dust and rocks. The city really needs to reseed this area.” “In regard to the[…]

Citizens’ Voice: Oct. 31

“I found the $100 bill tucked in the stool when I was closing up. I used it to pay 1/18th of my rent, thanks again!” “Several homeowners in Smurf Village have been cited for fencing code violations resulting from Irma repairs. Is this being reviewed by city staff?” “William Hackley fun fact: Whist is a[…]

Citizens Voice: Oct. 30

“Monopoly stole the show, but the Angels stole our hearts. Happy Fantasy Fest and may all your fantasies come true.” “I tucked a $100 bill under one of the stools in a downtown Key West bar last week. Did anybody find it? I’m curious what you spent it on.” “Can someone explain why the big[…]

Citizens Voice: Oct. 29

“Has anyone noticed the sabal palms planted on the perimeter of Bernstein Park? Not a speck of shade and now it looks like a Disney image of the Caribbean. Just say no to sabal palms. Instead, require trees that provide shade and shrubs that actually screen things. Just look at Key West plantings for the[…]