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Citizens Voice: Feb. 10

“To the person complaining about the promoters making all the money at the Mile 0 Fest. I am a regular visitor to Key West from Texas and know all the artists. They have packed out the Duval Street bars they are booked in when they aren’t at the amphitheater. Ask Durty Harry’s, Smokin’ Tuna, Irish[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 9

“Is ‘plein air’ French for taking up the whole sidewalk?” “Before Irma, the downtown streets were lined with bike racks, now you can’t find a tree or lamp post with room to chain another bike.”  “Don’t forget in addition to Car Free Key West and the Bike Plan, the Bicycle Coordinator was responsible for the[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 8

“Houseboat Row owner, please paint the iconic yellow smiley face on your new roof. It brought a smile to everyone.” “Why is Solana Village such a slum these days. A huge pothole at the entrance, trash cans everywhere at the front and Irma garbage that has not been removed at the back make Solana Village[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 7

“FISA courts approve 99.9 percent of all applications to spy on Americans. Do they get their members from our tree commission?” “The mayor’s long reign is coming to an end. His legacy will be his failure to do anything to deal with the homeless issues. Where is his long promised shelter?” “The city of Key[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 6

“The city commissioners should not allow one entity to own the rights to all the trolleys on the streets of Key West. This creates a monopoly. Antitrust laws should always prevent this practice being established for the good of the people and the market. Real untarnished leadership would prevent even the appearance of a monopoly[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 5

“I spend too much time in backed-up traffic watching the light at Truman and White streets slowly turn red and green. Much of that time is attributable to the lack of left turn signals at one of the city’s busiest intersections. Seems like installation of a left turn light there is a no-brainer, which certainly[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 3

“The shrimpers have no where to dock. Many other commercial fishermen are losing dockage, also. Any fresh seafood is now sent to Miami; enjoy the Mexican imports because that is what your restaurant is serving now.” “I’m forced to pay almost $4,000 per month in a rental, which is twice my mortgage payment, which is[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 02

“I recently went house hunting with friends, attending open houses and touring homes with a Realtor. At virtually every single home, the entire sales pitch was how much you will make as a monthly vacation rental. I don’t think there is any expectation anymore that people will actually live here or that anyone will rent[…]

Citizens Voice: Feb. 01

“City manager, you are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. Please follow the Comprehensive Plan, we need more field space!”  “Anthem or bar music or wedding events: all sound needs to be adjusted, especially when it is being amplified out with little sound barriers on the property. How about the venues take[…]

Citizens Voice: Jan. 31

“There are ~79,000 residents in Monroe County and ~53,000 housing units (US census). This averages to only 1.5 people per house. The solution is not building more houses, it’s having less vacation rentals and houses that sit empty for most of the year.” “People go to Cuba because dinner, a hooker and cigar cost about[…]